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Thursday, September 15, 2016

even more snack box fun

so you guys know how much i adore my monthly fix of japanese snacks.  well, awhile ago i received an email from another company that offers something like it - this one is called japanfunbox.

much like skoshbox, there are several options ranging from the mini, which contains between 5-7 items and is $14.99 per month, to the family size box for $49.99.  that one is huge - 25-30 products, plus two guaranteed special items like a special toy, a DIY kit (little packages containing ingredients to make fun snacks), or maybe a drink of some sort.  all of the boxes ship for free and you can cancel the shipments at any time.

we cracked the box open and the first thing we pulled out was the list of the items we'd received.  our sample box was the mini, so just the ones in the left column for us.

packaging for japanese snacks is always so bright and colorful.  our first item was a bag of pizza-flavored potato chips:

grape-flavored whistle candies.  kind of like a fruity life saver, only more fun.

normally, the words "big thunder" would conjure up images of one of our favorite rides at disneyland.  here, though, it means "cocoa wafer-style cookies with cornflakes for extra crunch."  okay, i totally ad-libbed that, but you get the gist.  i wonder what "big thunder I" tasted like.  i'd try it.

confession:  this packet of ume-pachi is still sitting unopened in the pantry.  from the description, it's kind of like a combination of pop rocks and sour sugary candy, which would normally sound pretty tasty.  except that this stuff is plum flavored...not super appealing to me or the old lady.

but we both happily tried the next piece of candy - kind of like a piece of lemon-flavored taffy with some sour orange fizzy powder in the middle.  it's supposed to end up tasting like cola, and i guess it did a little, but it was just mostly citrusy to us, and we both liked it.

the last item in the box was familiar to both of us.  pretz is probably best described as pocky's savory cousin, with flavors like pizza, honey mustard and the mysterious "salad."  there are some sweet options too, like salted caramel and sweet corn.  in our box, we received tomato:

it was fun to try out a different vendor for our monthly japanese snack fix, and they sent us some pretty unique items for sure.  i bet the family box would be super awesome, but i think my husband would probably protest a bit at dropping $50 a month on snacks (and i wouldn't blame him).  japanfunbox seems to be pricier than skoshbox, which is probably the only reason why i wouldn't necessarily switch.  but we definitely enjoyed going through this box, and it offers a great alternative to skoshbox.  i should probably throw in a disclaimer here - i was contacted by japanfunbox and given a complimentary mini box to test out and review.

have you come across any other snack subscriptions out there that are worth checking out?  i mean, you know...i love me some snacks.  especially when they get delivered right to my doorstep.  bonus!

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