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Friday, September 9, 2016

what do you mean?

it's been awhile since i did a cookie roundup!  seems like a good time to play some catch-up.

i got a lot of input from the bean when i was asked to do some shopkins cookies.  there are a lot of characters to pick from!  i went through and chose some of the simple-ish ones, and i'm happy to say that these were wholeheartedly bean-approved.

i also love doing cookies in bright, bold, primary colors...like these:

these were for a disney descendants party.  thank goodness the recipient was totally cool with a super basic design, because i don't even know how else i might have done them.

my friend kelley hit me up to do some treats to serve at a back-to-school "momosa" brunch.  i'm pretty sure that these wouldn't have been obvious to anyone who didn't know what the party theme was:

i did a total of 15 dozen of these babies for a realtor taking them to a home show.

elephants are one of my favorite shapes, because they're so cute.

for a baby shower:

logos are hard.  i think these turned out okay, though.

i'm not gonna lie.  aside from these, i don't think i've giggled so much while making cookies before.  ah, the biebs.

and these were for her twin brother:

the cookie designs are endless, guys.  so much fun!

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  1. LOVE the Shopkins cookies - they look great! And I guess this also confirms there are still people out there listening to Bieber.


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