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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

sewing up a storm

i've been on a sewing roll lately (again).  it started when i realized that i needed to get costumes together for the old lady and i to wear for her first disneyland run - the 5K.  the theme this year was "disney duos," and after a ton of consideration we finally settled on a couple of fun characters from "toy story."  i had to paint the lines on this yellow t-shirt i bought at michaels and then cut it down and sewed it back up so that it was a little less baggy:

and i did the cow print vest too, using my girl scout volunteer vest as a pattern.

for the old lady, i found some great lime green athletic fabric for $1/yard downtown and threw together a pair of shorts:

and then totally winged it and made her the apron that was the centerpiece of her costume.

can you guess who we were?  more on that later.

the hub's partner at the lounge and his wife recently added their first baby girl to the family, joining two older brothers.  we'd already bought them some really fun disney presents (they love disneyland as much as we do), but i thought it would be fun to give her something lordsburg-themed.  i searched far and wide for a plain pink onesie (harder than you think, believe it or not), used my die-cutter and a roll of tulle, and came up with this:

and then i got started on some new patterns for myself.  first up, this fun dress with pockets and a low back that i'd been dying to try out:

never mind the weird bra showing in the back.  i was too excited to try it on to change it out for a more suitable one.

and this is the first maxi dress i've ever made for myself.  i'm not entirely sure i like it, though.  i may end up chopping it back up to make leggings out of the skirt instead.  the fabric is so soft and comfy that i don't know if i can just leave it hanging in the closet waiting to be worn.

i decided to use some of the leftover fabric from the first dress to make a slim-fit raglan shirt.  i can see a lot more of these in my future - with long sleeves, a hoodie, a cowl neck...perfect for the upcoming (hopefully) cooler months.

and then two simple dresses, the first originally intended to be a tunic but that ended up long enough to wear as a mini.

i have a ton of fabric to use up, and plenty of patterns to try.  i think the faster i sew it all up, the better - i'm getting serious side eyes from the hub for the tubs of material sitting around.  yikes.


  1. You're saving a lot of dough sewing stuff for the fam!

  2. That shirt is awesome! Love the floral pattern and how you picked up on it around the neckline,


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