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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

getting her free grub on

i totally meant to remind my local peeps that today was mcdonald's' now-annual back-to-school free breakfast day.  oops.

sorry, guys.  hopefully you saw posts on twitter and/or facebook and managed to make your way over to get your grub on with your kids this morning.

as for us, i took an early barre class and as soon as the bean was done getting ready for school we headed out.  there's a mcdonald's just down the street from school, and there was quite a long line when we got there.  we ran into one of the bean's friends already enjoying her breakfast with her brother, and they sat together and chatted while i waited in line to place our order.  i threw in an iced coffee for myself, and paid a cool $2.50 for the whole shebang.

this makes three years in a row!  this was first grade:

second grade:

and today - my third grader.

many thanks to mcdonald's so cal for this fun new tradition!  i hope it continues on for years to come.

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