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Thursday, February 9, 2017

boring, boring, boring

you guys.  i'm running out of things to blog about.  i haven't done anything particularly interesting, haven't gone anywhere out of the ordinary, nothing.  all my life is about these days is this stupid diet, eating stuff like this:

and this:

okay, actually, i did make some pretty tasty pasta carbonara using leftover egg yolks (because i've been eating nothing but egg whites for lunch) and whole wheat pasta that totally got the bean's stamp of approval.

but really, i be like this:

and i want to go back to super bowl sunday, when we went to chili's and i splurged on some skillet queso and chips.

i even got the urge to bite into a cookie as i worked on a batch, and i haven't wanted to eat those things in ages.

and yeah, so it's february 9th and i have 7 out of my 17 barre classes checked off.

oh boy.  i wonder what i'll find to talk about tomorrow.

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  1. I don't comment very often. I've watched the girls grow up, and I will be incredibly sad when you do stop posting. I look forward to your posts every day, even the ones with food and cookies. It makes my day complete.


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