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Friday, February 24, 2017

cookie FAIL. ugh

you guys...trying to make rose gold colored frosting is impossible.

at least it is for me.  i thought for sure it was going to be super easy - just make some gold and then add a little tinge of pink.  that should work, right?  well, i'm here to tell you that IT DOESN'T.

i'm sure the lighting in my kitchen doesn't help much, but i can pretty much assure you that no lighting would make that into anything resembling rose gold whatsoever.  GAH.  i even tried to fix it by airbrushing a pearl color on top.  and then i pulled out some pink luster dust in the hopes that hand brushing a bit of it would help:

and that's a negative, ghostrider.

blech.  at least it's sparkly and shiny?  although inside the bag you can't even see that.

whatever.  at least they'll be delicious.

i redeemed myself with some basketballs, though:

and then i blew it again when i worked on some for a girls' basketball team who doesn't have an actual logo but wanted something with fun colors.  this is nowhere near as cute as what i'd pictured in my head.

maybe i should just give up and go back to bed.

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