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Thursday, February 16, 2017

hearts, spoons and asparagus

valentine's day was, as it usually is, a pretty low-key holiday around here.  i mean sure, in years past i've done decorations or heart-shaped treats and little gifts and things.  and while i still love a day to celebrate love, the enthusiasm has waned a bit as the years go by.  geez, i sound about a thousand years old, don't i?

the bean got to have free dress day at school, which was good considering i'd bought her a cute cat & jack outfit from target weeks ago.  the dress is pretty long so you can't see, but her leggings say "LO" and "VE" across the knees.

i even busted out my old braiding skillz (with a refresher tutorial courtesy of youtube) and did her hair like this:

i think i've worn this same shirt on valentine's day for the last few years.  it's comfy and appropriate.  and because i felt like it, i actually did my hair and threw on a flower crown just to take a picture to send to the old lady.  she was at work and i knew it would make her laugh (it did).

i took it off two seconds after i sent it to her, by the way.  no need to embarrass myself in public.  wait, i guess i just did.  whatever.

this was the card i picked out for the hub.  i thought it was super cute and yes, i sure am trying to figure out if there's a way to pluck those off so we can use them because they're cute and seem to be real, functioning spoons.  for what?  i don't know.  maybe for spooning honey onto a cheese plate?  it would work!

while the only beef approved for the clean eating diet the old lady and i are on don't include ribeye steak (only filet mignon, lean ground beef and top round steak), i figured it was okay to splurge on valentine's day.  i didn't have any carbs with it, though - instead, i roasted a full pound of delicious, tender asparagus.

the old lady was off with her special friend for the evening (as she should be, right?) and so it was the three of us for our heart-shaped steak dinner.

and that's a wrap for valentine's day 2017.

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