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Friday, August 4, 2017

we're gonna go hawaiian

the wans are heading to hawaii!

it's been two years since our last visit to o'ahu, and although we've been there several times in the last decade or so, it really is our favorite island. and this time around, we're going full tourist and staying in waikiki beach...at the moana surfrider. we usually go there for lunch and to sit in the rocking chairs at least once whenever we go, and we've always talked about staying there. i'm super excited to finally make that dream come true!

the bean doesn't know it yet, but we're going to disney's aulani one evening to attend their luau. i made her this top, and while she loves it she didn't even realize that stitch was on it until she took it off. 

i used some of the leftover fabric to make myself a top too:

and that hi-lo skirt was from a new pattern that i decided to try out. i'm generally not a hi-lo kinda girl, but with the hawaiian weather i thought it might be okay. it's still not my favorite thing in the world, but what's done is done and i'm taking the damned thing and wearing it at least once. 

during that trip to purple seamstress a couple of weeks ago, i made it a point to pick up some fun tropical prints to make myself some vacation wear. 

i tried my hardest to dedicate most of my time over the last week or so sewing all of it up. mostly, i wanted to have some fun, easy pieces to wear but also to avoid having too much of it left over, because it'll sit around until we get to go to hawaii again...and who knows how long that will be?  

i busted out this tank dress that i figured would make a great swimsuit cover-up, and the bean got a matching skirt in the same fabric:

the old lady opted out of having a matching item of clothing out of that fabric, but she liked it enough to request a headband with it:

a simple tank and some shorts that look kinda grandma-ish, but they're comfy.  the bean also got a matching cover-up out of this fabric:

i actually really like this dress a lot and can't wait to wear it.  

...unlike this bathing suit, which took me a whole day to complete and i don't love how it fits. boo. 

another headband for the old lady:

i'd been hoarding this lovely embroidered fabric for awhile and finally cut into it for a simple dress. 

another basic tank dress out of some fun distressed knit fabric that is so soft i didn't want to take it off:

and then one more tank (using more distressed knit) and shorts combo.

i got a fun manicure for the trip, too:

so aside from a few bathing suits i picked up at target, a couple pairs of denim cutoff shorts from gap and some workout clothes that i'm packing hoping i'll motivate myself to wear at least once, i'd say that most of my vacay wardrobe is me-made. kinda silly i suppose, but i'm pretty proud of that. both girls are also bringing along clothing that i've made for them, and it's kinda cool that they're willing to wear stuff i made too. 

oh boy...i cannot WAIT! beaches and shave ice, here we come!

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