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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

back to the night market

with the bean down at my mom's for a few days for what we dubbed lola camp, AKA grandma camp 2.0, the old lady and i headed out to arcadia for another round of the 626 night market.

we made sure to get there at a fairly early hour again, this time scoring an even better parking spot and walking right in without having to wait in line. and because she hadn't eaten lunch that day (with the added bonus of no line), the old lady decided to go for a ramen burger.

while she waited for her order to be ready, i spied something interesting next door and headed over to grab myself a unicorn bun. 

everything seems to be extra awesome when done in rainbow or pastel colors. this is basically a cha su bao like the ones we get at dim sum, only better:

we decided to go find something to drink as we walked and munched on our grub, and along the way we found that that "d-cake" we'd tried the last time had picked up quite a lot of fans. the line was pretty long considering the earlyish hour.

we decided to try this 2-in-1 drink served in a unicorn floatie. it was half thai iced tea and half special milk tea, and it was delicious. 

my unicorn bun, by the way, was filled with tasty BBQ pork. 

at this booth, the old lady went for a cup of grilled corn topped with flamin' hot cheetos. 

at this booth I ordered a skewer of grilled brussels sprouts topped with balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese. super flavorful. 

this poor guy was being led around by a co-worker who tried to drum up business for his boba milk tea booth. 

and before we left, we grabbed one last treat - our favorite Michu pull apart waffle. 

there are two more night market weekends this summer...i think we'd better make sure we take the bean to at least one of them. heh.

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