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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

when it rains...

no no, of course it isn't actually raining.  heh.  it's just that...well, since we returned from our fantastic hawaiian vacation i've gotten to make what seems like a bazillion cookies.  it'd been a pretty good long while since i had a cookie blitz like this, and the fun thing is that all of the designs were new to me.

you know how i sucked it up and bought a printer dedicated to printing edible images?  it kinda seemed like a frivolous purchase, but in all actuality it's already paid for itself more than a couple of times over by now.  one of my cousins got married (recap on that later), and my mom had me do some cookies to hand out at the rehearsal dinner.  she wasn't sure what sort of designs she wanted, but when i reminded her that i could put a picture of the happy couple on them, she decided that was the best option.

i really need to work on my straight lines and simple circles, huh?  eek.

i also had one of the ladies from the bean's school ask me to do some for a party she was throwing to wish her college-bound daughter good luck for her first year away from home.

and then one of the ladies in the office hit me up to make some for a ceremony they were doing in the gym during the first week of school.

one of my mom friends asked me to do some for her son's 7th birthday, and he's a huge l.a. kings fan.

these were for a lip gloss party.  i was kind of dying a little because i wasn't happy with how they turned out at all, but my friend was stoked and said they were a hit at the party.  thank goodness.

i did these for a mom on my local facebook page.  the plaque cookies were flooded first with plain white icing, left to dry completely and then i went back and painted them with some watered-down gray food dye.  i hadn't used that technique in a really long time, and i really love how these turned out.

my friend amber told me that she ran into someone at her gym who said that she was a longtime blog reader (which is super cool!) and that she recognized amber from it.  how funny, right?  i love when stuff like that happens.  anyway, she was throwing a party for her denver broncos-loving husband, and these were part of the dessert table:

and last but not least, our friend's daughter and son have birthdays really close together.  they're huge, HUGE disneyland fans (even more so than us, if that's possible!) and put together the most awesome party ever, with mickeys galore and E-ticket topped cupcakes.  these ear hats were extra fun for me to make, a twist on the other miskey-themed cookies i've done in the past:

now i have to think of something fun to do for my l.a. county fair submission.  i have to turn them in next week and i'm racking my brain for ideas.  there are a ton of designs i've always wanted to do and of course i can't think of a single one.  and last year i noticed that there's a PINK ribbon for 4th place. i've already taken home 1st, 2nd and 3rd...so this year i want that ribbon.


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