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Friday, August 25, 2017

sunday brunch = mimosas. always.

the morning after the wedding, we decided to head over to the biltmore to enjoy a little sunday brunch.  it's so pretty there:

it was cloudy and overcast, and we were seated outside next to the fire pit.

you know it's gonna be a good time when your brunch includes unlimited mimosas or bloody marys.  i do love a good bloody mary, but they're so filling.  so i mean, i GUESS i'll just have a mimosa.  heh.

the buffet was set up inside, and we were excited to go and check it out.  we found an extensive create-your-own-omelette bar, all the goodies for a nice charcuterie plate, hand carved meats, piles of shrimp and crab legs, sushi, caviar, and even a kids' buffet with pb&j sandwiches, chicken fingers, you name it.  and then there was a full dessert bar on the way out.  it was brunch heaven.

we took full advantage.  prime rib, sushi, caviar, crab legs for brunch?  and capped off with ice cream and cake?  yes please!

when we'd stuffed our bellies as full as we could, we made our way back out to the front to wait for the car.  the bean and i were both reminded of fantasyland as we looked up at the ceiling:

who doesn't love a pretty door as the perfect backdrop?

oprah's palatial estate is in nearby montecito.  you know we had to at least do a drive-by.  

the property is pretty gigantic, and most of it is hidden behind some very tall hedges and things.  you'd expect no less, right?

we stopped in camarillo to do a little outlet shopping on our way home and found it totally packed with back-to-school shoppers.  we looked in a few stores, but with most of the lines stretching to the back of the store we decided to just grab a drink for the road and get the hell outta there.

it was a pretty quick trip, and i hope we get a chance to go back soon.  santa barbara is such a gorgeous area to visit, and it'd be nice to spend a little more time exploring next time.  add it to the list.

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