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Thursday, August 3, 2017

time to take a dump

i'm always taking super random pictures at the most random times, and that's how we end up with iPhone dump posts like this none. like this one, because the bean is inexplicably obsessed with the idea of wearing glasses no matter how much we tell her it sucks to need them. 

she's going to submit some art for the county fair again this year, and after watching a bunch of youtube videos she decided on colored pencils vs. marker or crayon. and so i took her to michaels with 50% coupon in hand to pick up some good quality supplies. she looks pretty excited, yes?

i couldn't help but take this when the opportunity arose. she just looks so funny here:

i kinda really want this t-shirt. funny 'cuz it's true!

the hub made his most menacing face for me  during a random day date. 

one day while i was working at the sewing machines, i decided to switch from my usual "friends" netflix binging over to something the old lady and i had talked about rewatching. ah, the good old days when "glee" was good:

the hub has gotten into the habit of taking molly for a walk in the morning. but when he has to leave early for work, i step in and take her because she's gotten used to it and won't leave us alone if she doesn't get her morning fix of pissing and shitting in her favorite spots around the block. 

the girls and i went to a mall we don't usually visit and came across some fun artwork that made for a great photo op:

speaking of photo ops, the bean totally photobombed my shot with deadpool. 

in the same store, i found something that brought back tons of childhood memories although i never did get a pair for myself:

you know, i totally would have bought these if they'd come in my size. heh. 

the old lady totally shook her head in disgust as she took this for me. although she shouldn't talk...she has a gigantic herschel fanny pack she wears to disneyland proudly. 

and lastly, i finally found something that my friend amber had raved about during our last GTG. the nitro cold brew coffee at starbucks is only available at select stores, and my usual local spots didn't have it. i finally found it when i ventured outside my box a little:

it comes with this fun lid to drink it out of:

i'd ordered it with the vanilla sweet cream, and while i decided that next time i'd ask for a little more of it i really liked that coffee. it's really smooth and strong and even a little cheaper than my usual caramel macchiato. yum on all fronts. 

and that's that for this edition of iPhone dump!

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