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Friday, November 24, 2017

sunday funday with the cousins

with competition finally over and a couple of weeks until the next one, we were happy to get down to the business of relaxing and enjoying the bean's week-long thanksgiving break from school.  and our first order of business was meeting up with a bunch of my cousins to enjoy some delicious dim sum to celebrate three of their birthdays.

i was a little surprised to arrive at the restaurant on a sunday at noon and not have to wait even a few minutes for a table that would seat up to 15 of us.  as everyone trickled in one by one, we started ordering small plates from the carts being wheeled past us and got down to grubbin'.

only one of us was interested in the chicken feet, though.  and it sure wasn't me.  not my thing.

oh, and i dig the mouth guards the servers wear.  so very sanitary.

the bean was super duper happy to be reunited with her cousins.  she hadn't gotten to see them in quite a while, and after they'd gotten their fill of their favorite dishes they were happy to settle back and play games on one of their phones while the rest of us sat around and caught up on each others' lives.

we got one of the passing servers to stop and take a group photo of us, because why not?

and then the hub got to hold cousin r's new baby for a few seconds until he started to cry and got handed right back to his mama.

and later on, the bean was happy to get home and mix up a fresh batch of slime, which she dyed in a few different colors to make unicorn slime.

not too bad for sunday funday.

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