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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

so many good eats...and working 'em off

the dead zone between christmas and new year's went by in a big blur for us.  we didn't really do much but hang out at home and play with all the new toys we all got for christmas, but we also threw in a whole lot of eating.

one morning, the bean got up and asked us to stay in bed so she could make us some breakfast.  except that we had slept in so late that i ended up not being able to follow her instructions and had to leave for an appointment before she was done.  bummer, because she'd worked really hard and had mixed up some pancake batter from scratch and was happily flipping the most perfectly golden pancakes you ever did see.

and then the hub decided to share one of his newest discoveries with us...a little hole-in-the-wall in pomona, of all places, in the middle of an industrial area and open for business for 30-plus years:

it was like a time warp inside, with a simple menu and lots of vintage photos of the area adorning the walls.

the food was simple, but really tasty.  here's the beef french dip:

corned beef:

and pastrami.

the next day, we ventured out to p-town again - this time, for some chicken and waffles at day day's.

i was pretty stoked to order a glass of watermelon kool-aid.  it was delicious and the bean was happy to share it with me.

and when the grub came out, it was fresh and hot and so delicious.  i think it's actually replaced roscoe's in my heart.  i don't know what they do to that chicken, but it was SO GOOD.

with all that good stuff in my belly, i had to make it a point to get to barre classes to work it all off.  and at the end of my last class for 2017, we were treated to 50% off retail items in the studio, plus a nice little glass of bubbles to celebrate.

i managed to eke out over 100 classes over 2017, but still ran short of the next milestone (750 classes) by at least another 100.  that' okay, though.  it sounds like there's another 20-in-30 challenge coming up, and when that's over, as long as i meet my goal of a minimum of 3 classes per week i'm pretty sure i'll be able to hit that 750 at some point this year.

goals.  i haz 'em.

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