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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

working towards that nationals jacket

competition day was long and full of all sorts of activity. we kicked it off with a family breakfast at bouchon in the venetian.  i'd forgotten how lovely that hotel is, and the bean gazed at the faux artwork in awe.

 there was lots of deliciousness to choose from.

we started with an order of their beignets du jour:

and although i wanted some of that fresh bread, i knew i'd get too full for my entree.

i'd ordered the eggs benedict:

and the bean went with the american breakfast because she wanted to keep it fairly light and not chance any tummy issues with anything new.

the hub had gone with an omelette that he dug into before i could take a picture, but you can imagine what that looked like, right?  heh.

back at the hotel, the bean was scheduled to go up to the coach's suite for hair and makeup.  i'd brought one of her faux ponytails to use for competition, which had already been pre-approved by the coaches, and slicked her hair back into a high bun and attached it with her giant cheer bow.

the suite was bustling with activity as girls were having their hair pulled up, teased and curled and others were having their makeup done to the coaches' satisfaction.

we went back down to our room to relax a bit before she had to get into her uniform and meet up with the team again in the suite.  i snagged this before wishing them all luck and heading back down to spend some time with the hub.

we headed over to the bellagio to walk through their shops, do some peoplewatching and grab a drink and a snack at one of the bars.

when we got back to the orleans, i spent a little time just hanging out in the room while the hub went down to get in a little poker time.  and then about half an hour before the team's scheduled performance, i headed over to the arena.

the team had snagged a big section of seats down on the floor, and i sat there and watched a few teams perform before our girls took the stage.

they'd absolutely NAILED their routine. we didn't see a single wobble or fall in the whole 2:30 of it, and their efforts were rewarded when the coaches received this:

 a high score and zero deductions.  that was pretty exciting, and then we had three hours to kill before awards.  we decided to take the bean and headed back to caesar's and have dinner at carmine's.

the awards ceremony kicked off with lots of excitement - jamz staff performing onstage, throwing prizes out into the audience, all sorts of fun stuff.

and when the moment of truth came, we all listened nervously as the announcer rattled off the 3rd place team and when we weren't the runner-up, we knew they'd done it.

she was so excited to win that coveted jacket, and i was so happy for them all.

back in the room, we removed that headpiece and got her makeup off, and in no time - well...

 here's what we had to show for our day, heh.

she has two competitions left until the season ends.  she'd been pretty adamant that she wanted to take a break from cheer for a year, because this year has been pretty intense and she was a little burned out.  but as she's riding high on that win at nationals, she's kind of waffling a little.  i told her she has plenty of time to make a decision, and we left it up in the air for now.

maybe my life as a cheer mom isn't quite over yet after all.  guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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