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Thursday, May 10, 2018

he brought sexy back

my friend dailygluttony and i bought tickets to justin timberlake's first l.a. stop on his "man of the woods" tour what seems like forever ago.  i haven't seen him live since about 2013, when he toured with jay-z in their "legends of the summer" tour and played the rose bowl.

it seemed like we'd just barely gotten home from our vegas trip before it was time to hoping the car and head down to inglewood and see our guy perform at the fabulous forum.

we picked up our tickets from this check-in desk:

and checked out the VIP lounge area, where there were comfy spots to hang out, games to play, and merchandise and drink kiosks with minimal lines.

we made our way to our seats to check out our view.  it doesn't look all that great from this picture, but trust me - we were a hell of a lot closer than we'd been at the rose bowl.

the official "man of the woods" logo was hanging above the stage we were closest to, and it lit up in different colors and at various times during the show.

there was a dj playing lots of great music and getting the crowd all hyped up, and then around 8 he introduced the opener - a band i'd not yet heard of, the shadowboxers.

they played for probably half an hour, and then we waited about that again until JT finally took the stage around 9:30.

he really did his best to make sure that everyone at the show had a chance to get a great view as he sang, danced, played guitar and did his usual JT thing.  he was fantastic and we loved every minute.  you'll have to pardon my grainy, crappy photos that i'm sharing anyway, because why not.

he played a great mix of songs from his current cd (which i'm admittedly not a huge fan of, don't throw things at me) as well as all of his familiar songs from his successful solo career.  he closed it out with a bouncy, happy performance of "can't stop the feeling" before taking one last lap around all three stages and waving at us all as he disappeared for good.

and yes, of course i picked up something from the merchandise tent.  i happily wore it to my next barre class:

ah, JT.  till we meet again (november, maybe, when he comes back to the l.a. area).

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