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Friday, May 18, 2018

spending mother's day down south

mother's day started off great, with everyone getting to sleep in for - well, a really long time.  the old lady came home from a night away with her special friend celebrating her birthday bearing a gift...a delicious boba tea that came with this lid:

our plan for the day was to head down to carlsbad for the last day of the flower fields that always look so pretty on instagram.  it seemed like a pretty solid plan...

except that we hadn't thought of the fact that EVERYONE ELSE AND THEIR MOTHER would also have thought of the same thing.  there was a ton of traffic and trying to get into the parking lot looked to be just the first hurdle in getting near the acres of colorful blooms.  and look at the crowds!

i don't know how the old lady managed to snag this without any cars in the way.  'murrica!

this is the closest we got before we just decided it wasn't worth the trouble and headed off.  bye bye, instagram moment:

we stopped for a starbucks, where i apparently got another gift:  a new name.

we decided to just keep on driving towards san diego.  while it was gray and gloomy at home, it was a beautiful day in san diego county.

this is where we ended up stopping to walk around and hang out.

we hadn't been here in ages.  it was fun to walk around and look at all of the old buildings, and stopped in this shop at the bean's request.

you know she had to do the candle dipping thing.

 we walked around aimlessly for awhile.

the restaurants were, predictably, super crowded.  we put our name in at one that seemed a little less hectic and ended up walking through the cemetery as we waited for a table.  random, i know.


the reviews were pretty mixed, but the tacos i had were pretty good.  this was the surf & turf:

and then we caught the last bit of daylight for a family selfie before we hopped back on the freeway to head home.

mother's day 2018, check!

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