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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

bye, chateau marmont!

the next morning, we woke up to this gorgeous day.

because we'd all stayed up till after 2am, we slept in until about 11, giving us all just enough time to get ourselves ready and packed to check out.  the hub and i were downstairs first, and headed into the bar to have a seat and wait for the old lady and her special friend to join us.  while the hub ordered a double espresso, i had a mimosa.  shocking, i know.

we were heading back to the beach to meet up with my parents and the bean for brunch, to celebrate both the hub's and my stepdad's birthdays.  we tossed the keys to the hub's car to the kids while i hopped into the ridiculous lamborghini for the drive down.  but first, a quick group shot since we hadn't taken any at all the whole weekend.

the car is small and uncomfortable.  the ride is crazy bumpy, the engine is loud and attracts a lot of attention.  it's definitely not something we'd ever consider owning, but it was funny to watch people rubberneck as we drove past, hoping for a celebrity sighting but getting stuck with boring old us instead.

bye, chateau marmont!  it was fun, and i'm thinking we'll definitely come back someday for another weekend of west side fun.

we took the long way down to manhattan beach, driving down rodeo drive and through beverly hills before hopping onto the freeway.  we arrived at the restaurant with just a few minutes to spare, and had a lovely time brunching with my parents and listening to the bean talk about all they'd done the day before.  i can't believe i didn't take a single picture, but i'm going to chalk it up to the unusually late night and the mimosa i'd down on an empty stomach.  heh.

it was a really nice way to cap off a weekend of fun, and i think the hub was pretty happy with how we celebrated his big 4-0.  plus, he still had a boys' trip to vegas to look forward to, which i knew he was looking forward to.

the next birthday is the old lady's.  and we'll all be together in vegas, because it happens to coincide with the bean's next cheer competition.  that's gonna be a fun weekend.  i can't wait.

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