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Friday, February 18, 2022

do you know the way to...

cheer competition season was in full effect for us right after the shower, as we kicked off three weekends in a row with a trip to san jose.  the goal was to win a full paid bid for the teams to return to the quest at disney world, and they'd been working super hard on perfecting their routines.

the timing for the bean's team to perform and then have their virtual awards ceremony worked out just right so that we were able to fly up, spend the night and then fly back home the next afternoon.  short but sweet.  and the weather was just right for me to finally wear the cardigan i made myself a whole ass year ago.  gotta love a good airport bathroom selfie.

i love flying out of ontario airport.  it's close to home and pretty much never super busy.

with just a carry-on bag each, boarding the plane was easy peasy.

it was just a little over an hour in the air, and then we were there.  sure beats sitting in the car for 6+ hours.

our hotel was in downtown san jose, a quick uber ride from the airport and right next to the convention center where the competition was being held the next day.  this was our view from our room:

the room itself was fine - up on a high floor not too far from the elevator with plenty of room for the three of us.

after the hub did a quick yelp search, we headed off on foot to find dinner.  original joe's was just a block away and we were seated right away.

 it was a pretty old school place, with a full bar and classic italian dishes.

everything was really good, and we got back to our room at a decent time, giving the bean plenty of time to relax and rest before the competition the next day.  the hub hung out downstairs enjoying a cigar and grabbing a drink from the bar, and we were all asleep by midnight.  not a bad start to a quickie weekend getaway.

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