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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

hanging out at the lodge

it's hard to believe that the hub and i have already been married for 16 years.  that's, like, a whole person who can drive!  the time really does go by so fast, it's just crazy.  and this year, we decided to celebrate by spending the weekend at the lodge at torrey pines in la jolla...where we got engaged.  

it was all decorated for christmas when we arrived.

after checking into our room, we had a little time before our dinner reservation.  we headed down to have a drink and share a charcuterie board in the hotel bar, where we got to do some fun peoplewatching as guests were arriving for a wedding.

super fuzzy selfie, and for some reason it seems to be the only one i took all weekend.  oy.

dinner that evening was at george's at the cove.  we were seated outside with a view of the ocean, and it was a chilly night but we didn't care.

our room had gotten its turndown service while we were gone, with slippers on each side of the bed and little goodies left for us.

the next day was our actual anniversary. we got up to walk around the property and have breakfast in the restaurant near the golf course.

we found a pool table in the "library."

next up, massages in the hotel spa.

before dinner, we went for a drive around la jolla and stopped at better buzz coffee for a pick-me-up.

in one of the many art galleries, i eyed this fun piece that i would have loved to take home for the kitchen.  too bad we don't really have a spot to put it in.

we found a table on the patio at the la valencia hotel to have a drink, where we were entertained by the live musician AND this group who had brought along a stuffed friend who took up an entire chair. so weird.

dinner that night was at herringbone la jolla. we must not have been super impressed because there are no photos of the food.  oops.  but i did take a picture of my bracelet stack that day.  

did you know that there's a website that you can use to see if the hotel you're staying at has a peloton bike in it?  i'd scoped it out when i found out that the hub had booked us at the lodge, and got up the next morning to take a ride.  i'm a dork, i know.

and then it was time to check out and make our way home.  thanks for a relaxing weekend, la jolla!

i'd planned to bring my wedding dress to do the twirl and take a picture at the hotel, but totally forgot to grab it on our way out.  this meant that i had to break tradition somewhat and do it the day after wan-niversary, but that's okay right?  it still happened, and that's what counts anyway.

plus i got to recreate an old photo:

another wan-niversary in the books.  and time marches on...

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