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Thursday, February 10, 2022

the quietest week of the year

the week between christmas and new year's was pretty quiet for the most part.  the day after christmas was particularly lovely and relaxing, as i threw on the new hello kitty sweatshirt i'd received in our family gift exchange:

and then i realized that it was the perfect time for me to finally cast on a knitting project that i'd meant to start in the fall, only i had zero time for it.  it was so nice to sit on the couch and just work on the colorful cardigan in the softest, prettiest yarn i've worked with thus far.

we had lots of leftovers from christmas dinner, which made for an extra tasty lunch that i shared with the bean.  of course, teddy was nearby and hoping we'd drop a little morsel on the floor for him (we may have.  okay, we definitely did).

on another day we met up with one of the bean's most favorite friends in the whole world for a quick lunch.

and we managed to get our dance girlfriends together for a post-christmas cookie party.  i got to throw together a hot cocoa board which went over pretty well, i thought.

there were cookies to decorate, and we spread out all of our bracelet making supplies for the girls to make new pretties to wear.  and of course, we got them together for the annual photo - with the old lady grinning in the background.

we squeezed in one last trip to disneyland for 2021, timing our arrival for dinner at the plaza inn before hopping over to california adventure to use up our last few sip & savor tabs at the festival of holidays for dessert.

and then we crossed the esplanade again to catch the fireworks show at disneyland, something we'd been wanting to do for weeks.  it was a great way to close out our year at the 'land.

the next day, the hub and i unboxed our new mattress.  exciting stuff, i tell ya.

when i got the peloton in august, i'd set a goal to make sure i joined the century club before the end of the year.  and i'd timed my peloton classes so that i was doing my 100th ride on new year's eve.  BOOM.

with the old lady feeling a bit under the weather and no other plans for the evening, we rang in 2022 quietly - just the dogs and the three of us.

but that's okay.  there's lots for us to look forward to in the new year, and with the holiday season behind us all of our attention is on the big wedding.  it's coming up really fast, and it'll be here before we know it.

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