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Saturday, July 7, 2007

a bunch of poo

aside from the fun stuff i squeezed in this week with the kid, each day also brought some random form of crap. it's storytime, boys and girls.

i somehow managed to drop my brand spanking new mac studio fix compact on the bathroom floor just right - and the makeup fell out and shattered into about 65 million pieces. i was pissed. so i went to nords and bought a new one - and the next morning as i was getting ready, THAT one slipped right out of my klutzy fingers. i screamed "sonofabitch!!" and i swear i heard someone laugh (my bathroom has a small window that overlooks the street). but miraculously, i salvaged half of it, which is good as i refuse to go back and buy a THIRD compact in one week.

then, i was driving home from lunch with a friend out in BFE. i'm sitting in the right turn lane, waiting to get on the freeway, and the right arrow turns green. the hot and sexy minivan in front of me, laden down with about twelve passengers, just sits there - so i tap on my horn. i swear to you that i just tapped it, really lightly...i didn't lean on it or anything like that, but horns in german cars are LOUD as all hell. so not only does the minivan refuse to budge, one of the assholes in the backseat flips me off out the window. the only thing that kept me from going absolutely postal was the fact that i was on the phone with the hub's mom at the time. so. stinking. annoyed.

before the hub took off, we'd looked at a great little house in a very desirable area that was up for lease. it was just adorable, right down the street from the kid's school for next year, and completely remodeled inside out. aaaaaaand i got the call from the realtor that said a lease was signed this week. ugh.

klutzy fingers strike again: i dropped my phone just right, resulting in a series of small cracks in the top left corner. joy. i can't upgrade to a new one till december, nor do i feel like going through the insurance process to replace this one. hopefully it'll hang on. come on baby, don't die on me now!

lastly, a whole slew of bad luck and off timing helped me miss no less than six attempts by the hub to reach me. he'd called while i was floating through the lazy river at raging waters, and then again as i was sitting in a noisy restaurant with my friend for lunch. poor baby - he ended up worrying about ME in the midst of helping the sick and the poor in africa! and it didn't help that he called his entire family - brother, parents, grandparents - with not a single soul picking up their phone. no less than seven different phones, and no luck whatsoever. oy vey.

but today is 07/07/07. my luck is already getting better - i finally got to talk to the hub! now he can relax and enjoy the last few days of his trip without worrying that the entire state of california had fallen into the ocean, taking his loved ones down to davy jones' locker. gotta love satellite phones. plus, the dog didn't wake me up at 4am barking at raccoons, and the baby is happily squirming around in my belly.

life is good, my friends. life is good.


  1. That is why I hate living in Southern California. People like that minivan jackass give me road rage (not the not moving part, but the finger part).

  2. We lead such radically different lives. :)

    How are you getting so much traffic on your site? You have almost 3,000 hits! I barely broke 2,000, and I've had my damn meter longer than you have!

  3. I would have yelled some foul words if I dropped my compact..twice! Ugh.


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