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Monday, July 23, 2007

i got a new toy!

getcher minds outta the gutter.

it was "fun new stuff" weekend at the wan-nabe household. so excited!

so on friday, after viewing the house for lease (which was absolute shit, btw), we gathered up the hub's family and headed home for the bbq. i went straight to the kitchen with the MIL, where i started pulling out chips & dip, ice, drinks, etc. the hub strolls in and casually says "hey, go check your e-mail."

i give him a puzzled look - i was trying to get stuff ready for dinner and this was kind of a weird request from him - but of course, like the good wife, i complied. and when i walked into the office, i was greeted with the most fabulous sight:

that's right, folks. we've finally joined the ranks of apple lovers! the rest of my family has slowly but surely been converting over the last year, and we were the last holdouts. but after the blue screen of death started popping up on the laptop, i guess the hub decided it was time...and i sure wasn't gonna put up a fight!

so right away, he pulled it out of the box and started setting it up on the dining table, so that he could show his family the photos from his zimbabwe trip, and his parents could bust out the kazakhstan pics, too. we were truly amazed to find the whole thing up and running, ready to go, right out of the box - within about TEN minutes. so awesome.

we were so enthralled with watching pictures, playing with the new toy, chit-chatting, etc. that we didn't even end up bbq'ing! it got to about 8:45 and we looked around and said "pizza!" heh.

saturday was pretty quiet - we went house hunting for most of the day and then came home to relax, hang out, have dinner...and play with the iMac a bit more.

and yesterday, after church, we went to green street restaurant for breakfast. it was pretty yummy, as always. we usually head there or to pie & burger. and after we stuffed ourselves silly, we decided it would be fun to hit up ikea to see if we could find a new desk for the new 'puter. as you can see, we were quite successful:

we actually picked up two of these chairs. now there are actually places to SIT at our house! hmm, just in time for us to move. well, i'm sure it'll all look fabulous wherever we end up. i hope.


  1. damn, that chair matches with my wedding stationary!

    congrats on the new toy...welcome to the club!

  2. Ooh! iLike! iWant an iMac to match my iPods and iPhone!

  3. cute chair! my family has been mac obsessed since the beginning of time :-) they are great computers --- have fun playing with it!

  4. So much fun!! New toys and new furniture. :) I want an iMac too.


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