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Sunday, July 1, 2007

just a few tidbits

if mochi were crack, then you could call me a crack whore and i couldn't get mad at ya. i made it a point to stop at trader joe's on the way home from church today to test out their mochi. i was absolutely fiending for some more of that chewy, ice cream-y goodness.

but i took my first bite of the strawberry flavor and realized very quickly that the damn chef at tao absolutely RUINED me for this mass-produced, less-than-fabulous substitute. ew, this is so gross. at least it was only $2.99 for the box! am i doomed to enjoying this tasty treat only when i hit vegas? so, so sad. i wonder if i might find something more to my standards if i head out towards san gabriel/alhambra/monterey park. i might have to give it a shot.

so instead, i'm drowning my sorrows in a bag of shrimp chips, a la R at the pai gow tables two nights ago. still yummy, just not what i was really craving. boo.

on another (happier) note, i was really excited to finally be able to talk to the hub this morning. zimbabwe is 9 hours ahead of us, so timing phone calls is a little tricky. although i've been toting my cell in my pocket and sleeping with it next to my nugget every night, just in case.

he told me about the awesome stuff they've already experienced in the short time they've been gone - this morning, they participated in a church service which included 400 attendees from villages far and wide. these people walked really long distances just to get to the weekly service! and yesterday, they went on two safari trips. he sounded really excited about the experience, and i can't wait to see his pictures and video clips. we'd picked up 3 extra memory cards for him to take, so he's got 4GB of memory with him. hopefully he can make it last.

and of course, just before we hung up, i got all teary and totally tried to hide it. but even a zillion miles away, he could tell. crap. i feel so selfish for being sad about his absence when i know he's out there to accomplish some great stuff and experience something totally life-changing. can i chalk it up to pregnancy hormones? yeah, that sounds good to me. hey, a girl can only use that excuse for a very short amount of time. leave me alone.

and now the kid and i are just hanging out here at home. she's watching crappy mtv shows while i work on place cards for a wedding.

hey! it's "my super sweet 16: remix". i'm outta here.


  1. Come to Little Tokyo for some real mochi! BTW, mochi is the chewy rice goodness -- I always get it on my Pinkberry or Ce Fiore. The ice cream has nothing to do with it. ;)

    Here's a place that makes its own mochi:

  2. I went to a really yummy place for vanilla mochi in Little Tokyo. I really wish I remember what it was called.

    BTW, I kinda choked up when I read about your convo with the hubs. I can only imagine how you feel. I kinda felt that way when the mister would go to Montana for 10 days and that's nothing compared to this. But ya know, you always have us around to keep you company, act stupid and make you laugh :)

  3. I got a little sad when you talked about the phone call. I'm glad to hear he's having a great time and that you're hanging in there. :)


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