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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

pho shizzle.

i spent quite a lovely day with my mom today - eating, shopping, spa-ing. she had a couple of those gift certificates that gets you four separate spa treatments for $60 (with optional upgrades available, of course). it wasn't a place either of us had tried before, so we skipped the upgrades and stuck to the 1/2-hour treatments.

normally, i dread those abbreviated appointments because i end up wanting to clutch at the masseuse/facialist's leg and beg her to stay. but surprisingly, it was quite a satisfying 30 minutes. i always want more, but i was nice and relaxed. mom agreed. we were happy campers.

i quickly tired of these half-assed goth fingernails, so i suggested going for manicures next. besides, i was still in the mood for some pampering! but the nail salon at manhattan village was all booked up, so we decided to do some shopping. at white house black market, i managed to score a cute dress in a polka dot print (aaaaah, circles!), marked down from $139 to $30. and i'll still be able to wear it after i have this kid, so bonus points for me. we also hit up bath & body works with a couple of coupons mom had, so i picked up some lovely orange ginger shampoo. my hair will smell yummy.

shhhhhh - don't tell my mom, but i'd already visited manhattan village before going to her house. there's a babystyle there, and i wanted to scoop up some stuff on sale. i also made a quick pitstop at sephora so i would have a few items to put on after the facial. sadly for me, i forgot to put the goods in my purse, so the south bay was treated to the horrific sight of makeup-less me for most of the afternoon.

thanks to another nail salon near the folks' house, i'm pleased to report that my fingers are, indeed, back to normal. relieved, aren't ya? moms was quite happy to sit in the massage chair and have a pedi, too. it was fun for all.

and we ended our day by popping my pho cherry. i'd been hearing about this fabulous stuff for ages, but had never tried it. i enjoyed it, although i don't know if i liked it enough to go looking for it. i told my mom that i would probably go for korean bbq before i'd hit up pho again, but as she said, that wasn't exactly comparing apples to apples.
aaaah, such a fun day. thanks, mom.


  1. I have never had pho either. Doesn't look yummy to me. But I'll still try it. I'm a food whore. Sounds like a fun day with Mom. Very cool.


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