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Friday, July 20, 2007

i'm tired.

how pathetic is that? here, i'll 'splain:

today, i had lunch with some former co-workers (which was fabulous - it was great to see everyone again), and then had to go on a banzai run from claremont to pasadena to deliver an invitation order.

in traffic.

and then, i had to head back towards home. in more traffic. not to mention, i had to make a grocery store run for a last-minute BBQ tonight at our house. the hub's folks are home from kazakhstan and we're dying to hear how the trip went. so far, all we've heard is "it was weird."

so i pick up all the BBQ stuff, load the bags in the car, and decide i'm really craving a mocha joe from burger king. sounds weird, but that stuff is yummy. i swing through the drive-thru, cut through traffic and finally, i'm home. i'm hoping to sneak in a power nap before we have to head back out for an appointment to look at a couple of houses - of course, we'll be facing traffic to get there.

but as soon as i've managed to unload everything, make a pitcher of iced tea, mix up some dip for chips, and catch my breath, the hub calls.

"can you meet me at the first house? i don't think i'm going to make it home in time to pick you up and still be on time for our appointment."

[sigh] i was really hoping i wouldn't have to do any more driving today. oy.

i did, however, make time this morning to snap my weekly belly pic. AND it was a good hair day! maybe you can't tell by the photo, but trust me. at least i was smart enough to take it BEFORE i got all sweaty and exhausted. hey, my day may not look like much, but this heffa is in the third trimester and my eyes are droopy just typing this post.

guess i won't be making it to the nords' anniversary sale today after all. i simply don't have it in me (nor do i have the time) to go. hopefully there'll still be some decent stuff on monday!


  1. who said it was easy being a housewife?!

  2. You are sooo cute! Can I just gobble you up?!?!?! :)

  3. Traffic sucks. I wish I was smart enough to invent a teleporter.

  4. You're wearing me out just describing it all.


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