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Friday, July 27, 2007

too. much. to. do.

we're at 30.5 weeks, people (that's 7 months for those of you who aren't regulars at the OB/GYN)!

holy crap. i'm seriously shitting a brick as i realize how much has to be accomplished in the next couple of months:

  • pack up the house
  • keep the kid entertained for her "real" vacation (she just finished her last day of summer school today)
  • try to keep cool in the 9th circle of hell
  • gear up for no less than THREE baby showers (that's the fun part!)
  • complete two full invitation orders for upcoming weddings
  • move to the new casa. oy.
  • get the kid enrolled in the new school
  • oh, and GIVE BIRTH. give me strength.

but i do have a fun weekend ahead of me - a good friend is getting married tomorrow (for which i managed to find a decent-looking dress to wear - on SALE, woo-hoo!), and a baby shower to celebrate the impending birth of another close buddy. i asked her ages ago what diaper bag she was looking at, and she'd decided on one by bumblebags - it came yesterday and it's adorable.

i'm now working on trying to get the new iMac up and running 100% - i can't get my damn printer to work, and when i try to post here on blogger, i don't seem to have access to composing a post without HTML. it's pissing me off, because i'm not tech-y enough to know HTML, and i'm lazy. i like the ease of picking fonts, sizes, inserting pictures, weblinks, all that fun stuff. i hope i can figure it out without having to go back to the ol' laptop every time i want to post. i'm getting pretty damn spoiled by the ease and speed of my new toy!


  1. Damn you look good at 7 months! I think your tummy has finally caught up to my non-preggers tummy. ;) You will get through all your 'to-dos' brilliantly and probably still look all cute at the end of it all. :)

  2. Ditto, R!

    Btw, I'm tired just reading your to-do list!

  3. love that dress you're wearing --- you are just too cute!


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