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Thursday, July 19, 2007

it's a BOOK.

i guess it's because i'm not a fan, but this harry potter craze baffles me to no end. i tried, i really did, to get into it. i love reading, and especially fluffy, nonsensical, non-educational stuff. but i just can't do it. hell, even my mom has read every book from cover. i've racked my brain and can't think of a single thing i'd be lining up for hours to buy/see/hear.

there are folks who have been camping out in front of bookstores since MONDAY. the damn book doesn't even come out until 12:01am on saturday! and the insanity of the movie coming out last week - with folks passing out with excitement and lining up for hours on end - wow.

it's just a book, folks. it's going to be available from now till the end of time. does it REALLY matter if you scoop up a copy of it the second it comes out, or if [gasp] you don't get it until the next morning? just like the crazy folks lined up for hours at the opening of the newest h&m store. um, what?

i think watching the endless news reels on this crap is just bugging the shit outta me. there are lots of other news stories much more important. aren't there any new celebrity break-ups to report on? sheesh.


  1. We can't be friends anymore :(

    I'm too lazy/impatient to wait in line for anything though.

  2. i couldn't care less about harry potter as well. i love reading/books, but i can say that i have absolutely no interest in them whatsoever. and i think that lead actor is creepy. i don't get the deal with him at all.

  3. Movies were invented so we wouldn't have to deal with books anymore. I like movies.

  4. I couldn't care less about Harry Potter, too. And I'm starting to feel the same way about the Simpsons movie. I'm sooo over it.

  5. i like harry potter too, but i wouldn't stand in a line for 10 minutes for a book.

    eh. call me a nerd. i always love to read the book -AND- watch the movie (i even read lord of the rings...yes, the entire book).

  6. Dude, I'm totally with you. I couldn't get into Potter either.

    Baffles me, to be quite honest.

  7. i LOVE harry potter!! i'm not standing in line for it, but i cannot wait for the UPS man to come by my apt saturday :-)

  8. :: ahem ::

    I bought my Book 7 at 12:05am. Walked in to Kroger, picked one up, paid for it (two people in line before me), and walked out.

    For kicks, we drove past Borders and I waved my book out the window while Mark honked the horn.

    I don't understand the craze that possesses all these people, though - Harry Potter parties, 1000 people waiting in line, etc. It's a good series & it's great that so many kids are getting into reading, but it's a little scary.

    The book was really good, though.

  9. I like the movies and the kid likes the books as well as the movies. I'm not standing in line for shit. The in-laws pre-ordered it for Lil Man and it arrived yesterday. Plenty fast enough.


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