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Monday, July 2, 2007

i'm so buying my dog a muzzle.

note: i love my dog to pieces, i truly do.

but last night, i was ready to strangle her (stand down, PETA, i'm not speaking literally here). i'd stupidly fallen asleep at 5:00 - still catching up on sleep from the vegas extravaganza - and napped for two hours. so, of course i couldn't fall back asleep at a decent hour. i was shoe shopping and catching up on my tivo'd shows till 2:30.

and then at 3:00, just after i'd finally dozed off, she went absolutely bonkers. i waited it out and she stopped after a minute. great. i readjusted in the snoo...er, body pillow, and went back to sleep.

3:45...she started up again. i got up grumbling, and she scurried under the couch (which is where she retreats when she knows she's in trouble). dammit. back to bed i went.

she did it again at 4:30 and this time, i saw what was causing the ruckus - a RACCOON. man, that thing was ugly in a huge way. it stared at me before sashaying to the corner of the back yard and making itself comfy under the tree.

sadly for me, it didn't leave, and molly went off at one more time at 5:30 before i finally gave up and turned the tv on again.
hey, at least i'm caught up on "bridezillas" now.


  1. You should get a basenji. It doesn't bark, although it makes a sound similar to a yodel.

  2. our molly barks...at things, and imagined things, too. sometimes she barks in her sleep--thanks a lot!!! must be something about those mollys. also our molly was maybe neglected before we got her so she barks when we leave her... boo.

  3. Ugh, I freakin' HATE raccoons!!! I can understand why Molly went crazy.

  4. I can hear her yipping in my head.


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