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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

this NEVER happens.

i hadn't been to nordstrom since the anniversary sale started last week. this is the big sale that almost always has all the greatest stuff at really good prices, and i just hadn't had time to go, although i'd pre-ordered a few items at the laura mercier counter a couple of weeks ago.

so i went.

and i was in and out in 5 minutes.

i promised the hub that i was going to stick to our budget this month, and i'm going to, anniversary sale or not.

and it HURTS.

[crying in the corner]

this concludes my entry for today. i'm in too much pain to go on.


  1. [feeling your forehead]

    Are you ill? ;)

  2. how can you deny a pregnant woman?!

  3. i send you many sympathy hugs. that is the WORST. i'm on that budget until the wedding....ten more months. yikes. it's sucking my soul.

  4. :: patting your hand ::

    It's ok - stuff on sale is usually that cheap because no one else wanted it.

    We're looking at refinancing our house, so of course we're on that budget, too. :P

    (Except for the fact that Mark bought me a Wii + accessories for my birthday. Woo hoo!!)

  5. Oh, the trials and tribulations of life.

  6. I think you should get some sort of hazard pay for this. Kudos for walking away. :)

  7. i didn't escape the sale quite so easily. :X i might have been there when the doors opened at 7am. oops.


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