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Friday, July 6, 2007

do you think about

how your life would have turned out (so far, anyway) if you'd taken a left instead of a right in that fork in the road? and in the others that followed? i was thinking today how drastically different mine would be had i chosen to finish high school instead of testing out early.

i'm sure i'd have gone to college.

maybe had an actual career.

met other people.
done things i wouldn't picture myself doing now.
but -

i'd also not be the person i am today. nor would i have the kid, or the hub, or my fabulous friends. i probably wouldn't be listening to this dog barking at a leaf falling from the tree in the back yard. and there wouldn't be all this fun kicking and poking from my belly (that's sincere, even though it sounds sarcastic as hell, which is SO unlike me).

the last stop for this train of thought was:

as much bullshit as i've gone through in my life (and will continue to experience, thanks to one rat bastard), i wouldn't change a single decision, make any different choices - not one. i have a lot of pride in and love for the person i am today. i'm far from perfect, but i am one happy camper.

whoa, that got serious. talk about living up to the name of my blog! i guess that's what happens when hours are spent in the lazy river at raging waters, being the only ride in the entire park suitable for one with child.

thinking is DANGEROUS. i gotta cut that shit out.
p.s. i did end up getting that damn cabana. and it was worth every last penny.


  1. it seems to me that everything turned our great for you. you have an adorable and smart kid, a great hub and new baby.

  2. yes, i think about that too, but i can't imagine the different choices i would have made in my life so far... i don't regret much of anything, i think i just wish i'd been even more motivated and done even more ridiculous things while in college. but i wonder how differnet life would have been had i not broken up with my bf of 4.5 years after college--i still don't think i would be NEARLY as happy as i am now even though he was a good person... i wonder if i'd been more financially smart if i'd be better off now... i wonder what the next fork in the road is for me and what decision i'll make...

  3. Dude. You need to watch The Butterfly Effect, the crappy movie I blogged about awhile back that kept me away for about two days straight. I couldn't stop thinking about all the "what if's" in my life.

  4. Oh, and "away" really means "awake," which, apparently, I'm not really right now.

  5. I totally hear ya! As we drove through the OC on the 4th, I saw the spot where I was in a car accident about 6 years ago. As I told Mr. P then, I can't regret it because it ultimately led to him.

    BTW, you're looking so big!!! That's a good thing, btw :)

  6. Of course I think about that stuff...and I come to the same conclusion as you. I would do it all over again. ;)


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