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Thursday, July 12, 2007

call 1-800-steeeeeeeeeemer

the day has come at last, folks. you won't have to listen to me whine about the hub and being lonely anymore...he finally comes home tonight!

so i've been flitting around the house like an actual housewife - sort of. i did a lot of organizing, sorting, storing, dumped a lot of unnecessary crap. i had stanley steemer come out to make the carpets look all pretty. i'm taking the dog for a bath. getting the car washed. and the cleaning crew is here working their magic. i guess my version of being a housewife means delegating.

"steam clean my carpets!"
"give my dog a bath!"
"wash my car!"
"scrub my toilets!"

hey, it works for me.

and, a quick report on yesterday's fun lunch with friends at langer's deli: i decided that while langer's was yummy, my pastrami loyalty will always be with the hat. although i must say that even though both joints specialize in "world famous pastrami sandwiches", they aren't really comparable. it's kind of like that whole "apples to apples" thing my mom was saying the other day. langer's: big, thick slices of lean pastrami served on rye bread. the hat: thin-sliced pastrami piled (and piled, and piled) into a french roll. both of them have been around for decades, and both are magically delicious. i went with the uber-carnivorous selection of #54 - pastrami AND corned beef, and it didn't take long for me to decide that next time, i'm sticking with the corned beef. it was oh-so-yummy!

then it was a quick pitstop at paper source for some supplies, into macy's on lake in search of cute shoes and an ensemble for my friend's upcoming wedding (unsuccessful, i might add), the right start to check out a couple of strollers, and then finally home. and i was there for about five minutes before i dove right into the bag containing the second half of my double-meat sandwich. mmmm.

and an hour later? off to the hub's grandparents' house for dinner. i felt bad, because i wasn't even really hungry, so i didn't eat much. but i still managed to have a bit of everything, from salad to dessert. the hub's bro is in culinary school and brought home an ENTIRE black forest cake, so of course i had to have some, right? and it was delish. i dig his baking classes ;)


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  2. Confession: The Hat has made me "suddenly" before.

    Are you laughing? Are you laughing?

  3. I wish I had a chef in the family. Your days rule. I want to turn in my application for housewife-hood. I'd probably get bored after a couple months and go back to work, but it'd be fun to try. :)


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