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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

sweet! i can blog normally again!

all it took was a simple download of firefox, and poof! i've got access to my settings again. yay for me!

and as with most "kid weeks", i'm off and running today. the kid's been dying to hit up knott's to ride their new "sierra sidewinder" ride. of course, we'll be dragging a couple of her friends with us, and i've been racking my brain trying to think of what the hell i'm going to do to amuse myself for hours on end. luckily, it'll be a good 5-10 degrees cooler in the inland OC than at home, and the hub already handed me a wad of cash for snacks and such. i see funnel cake in my future!!

i've also finally booked a maternity shoot with crissy, a knottie favorite. after juggling schedules and having to shoot down countless potential dates, we're finally set to do it next wednesday. the sad part for me is that the kid won't be present for said shoot, but at this point i just want to document the belly on pro film. not to mention, she was cringing at the thought of being part of the whole thing to begin with. heh. my kid, camera-shy?? please. although her current lack of excitement over this whole thing ("you want me to take pictures with that THING before it even comes out?") doesn't make this a surprise in the least. [sigh]

i'm off to pack a goody bag for me - magazines, a book, snacks...it should be an interesting day.


  1. The only good thing about Knott's is funnel cake. Ok, fried chicken, too. Good luck. ;)

  2. Funnel cake...mmm...

    And glad the shoot is working out. Sort of. :/ Hope little Wan snaps out of it.

  3. Hmm... you seem to have a thing for personal pro photo shoots... I hope you won't wear the same things this time. ;)

    Knott's, huh? Is that like Cedar Point but not as cool?

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