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Monday, August 18, 2008

and the countdown begins.

so, one month from today, it'll be my birthday.

i'll be 37. holy shit. i don't like this "late-thirties" thing. i dislike checking the "35 to 44" age range in surveys and crap. and i'm not excited for how close i'm getting to 40. FORTY. that's really fucking old!

so i've mentioned my desire for an iPhone here, once or seventy times. you can only imagine how many times i've hinted at it with the hub. in fact, i told him that's the only thing i want for my birthday this year. but verizon fucked me over and i'm locked in a contract until the teen's damn near driving. bitches.

but then the other night, the hub asked me what i wanted for my birthday. "aside from the iPhone, that is. because i'm not really feeling like paying $500 in cancellation fees for us all to switch to at&t. and it doesn't make sense for just you to be on at&t when the rest of us are on verizon. so, what ELSE would you like?"

well, hell. see, one of the downsides of being fantastically spoiled by your fabulously generous husband is that thinking of fun, special things for occasions such as this gets to be pretty darn difficult. yeah, there are worse problems to have, i know. but i'm wallowing in self-pity over my stupid age (which is really just a number, since we all know i act like i'm about 11 anyway), and a cool present for my birthday sounds pretty darn good. but what?

i don't need any more handbags.
i'm not into iPods.
i already have two great cameras.
i just bought awesome new boots for the fall season at the nords' anniversary sale.
my closet is so full, i'm out of hangers.
i already get to indulge in regular mani/pedis and occasional massages/facials.
i'm not that big into jewelry.
i'm all stocked up on fun paper and craft products.
i already have my dream car.
we have a cleaning crew, and i don't believe in asking for practical crap unless absolutely necessary anyway. haha! i'm such a princess.

i never thought it would be hard to shop for me. ME! i love everything! but i'm totally stumped as to what to ask for this year. that's crazy.

help. me. please.


  1. A romantic evening with just you and hubs including a couples massage maybe? Um...GC to some place you'd never shop at normally. Oooh, how about dinner with a couple of your friends at some fabu place. ;)

  2. you're lying!!!!! there is no way. not b/c of how you look b/c Asians tend to not look there age anyway, but your attitude and outlook would make you in your late 20s. There is something very refreshing about you, but if it has to be your 37th birthday, so be it---happy early birthday =D

  3. I was going to say spa day, but maybe that won't work. I like the fancy dinner with some friends idea. I'm not good with "stuff" probably because I've rarely had disposable income :)

  4. I got nothing. but I'm jealousE!

    actually, scratch that - what about a weekend away somewhere? like palm springs?

    damn, must be tough to be you. on opposite day.

  5. You act like 11, look like 25 . . . I'm so not feeling sorry for you.

    How about a new lense for your camera? A trip to DC? :) If you can't think of anything, I could use a present . . .

  6. You so don't look at all 37. Or even 30, for that matter.

    As for present ideas...I got nothing. :( I do like the dinner with friends idea!

  7. Crap - I'm really bad at birthday gifts too.

    A new awesome fall/winter coat?
    A new pair of sunglasses?
    Shoes? A few pairs? :)
    A new wallet?

    Phew.. I'm done.

  8. Ahhh man you are so much older than me :)

    I can not help you in this department because i alreay have the perfect gift for you (that you will absolutely love - and if you dont tooo bad you cant take it back!) and I am not sharing it until the big day :P

  9. wow! I wish I was you. I can think of plenty of things I want for my b-day. :)
    whatever you get for your birthday I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  10. Yup, I was going to say what some others have suggested - a weekend away (although I know you two already travel a bunch) and/or a nice dinner out.

  11. a big, fabulous party? :)

    and...i don't like "practical" gifts either. i'm a brat. :)

  12. I have nothing useful to contribute. Just wanted to say that I want to be you when I grow up.

  13. I'm a sucker for trips, or nights in fancy hotels, or a vespa - I could totally see you on a Vespa.

  14. i'm with the monkey. food rated with a michelin star or a few is a bonus. but dunno if that'd work if there's fruit involved.

    you are SO OLD! too old for presents!!! i keed.

  15. i think the others have some good ideas.

    for me, i have a chaise lounge at crate and barrel that i'm lusting over. i'm keeping my fingers crossed it appears for christmas ;)

  16. I know I live in TN and may not know the full story, but wasn't it just recently all over the news how a California Supreme Court judge ruled that cell phone companies charging consumers a fee for ending their cell phone contract early is illegal and violates state law. Soo...you shouldn't have to pay anything to get out of your contract w/ Verizon (which I love).


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