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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i love you, mom

i hate that we've allowed misunderstandings and stupid life crap get between us.
i hate that we're both [apparently] too damn stubborn to pick up the phone.
i hate that we haven't talked in so long.
i hate that so much of life has gone by without sharing it with each other.

on the flip side:

i love you.
i miss you.
happy birthday.


  1. you get your smashing looks from your mom.

  2. aw, your cute mama! my mom's birthday is tomorrow;)

  3. aw, your mama is one pretty lady! Just like you!

    I hope things are OK with you two. Happy Birthday, WaMa! (did ya get that one? - man, I crack myself up)....

  4. Very sweet! Happy birthday to your mom!

  5. Hope y'all reconnect soon. Happy birthday to WaMa! (california girl cracked me up!)

  6. Happy Birthday Mama Wan! Hope you guys talk soon ...

  7. :(

    i'm thinking good thoughts. happy birthday mama wan.

  8. I hope this mends sooner rather than later. Happy birthday Wan Mom.


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