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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

still stuck

i love to travel. whether it's an overnighter somewhere fairly local or a week in hawaii, i just love to pack a suitcase, lock up the house, and go.

obviously, y'all have figured that out about me, since most of the suggestions for yesterday's post involved a getaway trip! well, and food. we all know that that love for travel is almost surpassed by my love for eating.

i forgot to mention it in that list of things i eliminated as possible birthday princess gifts, but we've actually got a couple of getaways already planned. we're headed up to mammoth next weekend with the hub's family - they go at least once a year to fish and kick back, and this is actually the first time i'm going with them. the hub found a really nice house to rent, and we're also considering finding a boat to rent for a couple of days. i've got a huge stack of magazines that are begging to be read and recycled, not to mention that i'm only halfway through breaking dawn.

plus, we've got some credit with virgin america, and we're going to use it in october to head up to seattle for a weekend. seattle was the first trip that the hub and i took together, over memorial weekend back in 2001, but it was such a short trip and we've always talked about returning.

then last night, as we relaxed with the bean in the hot tub, after laughing at me for coming up with zero ideas aside from the iPhone, he asked if there was a restaurant i wanted to hit up for my birthday. and knowing him, taking me to a nice dinner at whatever restaurant i choose won't be the gift. hey, i'm not complaining. and i think we'll go to wolfgang puck's cut - maybe i'll be lucky and score a tomkat sighting. it could happen.

so i'm still stuck. i'm sure i'll come up with something, or he will, and that's probably better anyway. hell, he's got better taste than i do.

and because i know you want 'em, here's some pics of the bean from the weekend. she's just getting so damn big, crawling everywhere and pulling herself up and cruising around, holding onto the furniture. i love this little monkey.


  1. Hmm. I was getting even more jealous of your (fake) present dilemma, but then you flashed the bean and I forgot all about it. I need some bean time. Let's do lunch/Pinkberry/brunch or something soon.

  2. You're killing me with the suspense of not knowing what happened with the mysterious phone call. You must have the patience of Job. I, for one, have no patience. :)

  3. I think it should be mandatory for Bean photos to accompany all posts. Those pigtails slay me.

  4. Those are some freaking cute pictures. She is so adorable!

    Renting a house up in Tahoe sounds so nice. We are thinking of renting a house on the Colorado River for Thanksgiving. Yeah, we'll have a newborn, but getting out of town is just oh so nice.

  5. I love Mammoth, but I've never been in the summer. How fun!

    The pigtails are just too much. I can only take so much cuteness :)

  6. I third the pigtail love! So cute!

    I am stumped on present suggestions.

    And, I'm with CQ -- what happened with the call?

  7. new purse? a new piece of jewelry? world peace?

    you got me.

    love the pigtails!

  8. I can't get over how long her hair is! I think she needs to get the wanna-BOC haircut soon.

    and I have zero pity for your "dilemma."

  9. Aww, she's getting so big! That first pic is too cute! Didn't you want another diaper bag?

  10. I can't comment on the rest of your post because all I can think is PIGTAILS! PIGTAILS, my god, the PIGTAILS! LOVE EM!

    I'm going to have to get Em Dash some baby extensions so she can wear pigtails right out o' the womb.

    Worst. Mom. Ever.

  11. The bean is looking quite edible today. Too cute.

    Just got back from the Mammoth area. You must stop by Schat's Bakery (locations in Mammoth and Bishop). CHEESE BREAD. You must eat it.

    Eat a loaf for me and for all food lovers everywhere.

  12. whoa. she's seriously really big.

    totally jealous of the present. we don't do 'em, and even if we did, they wouldn't be happening for at least another 3.5 years.

    have fun in mammoth and seattle!

  13. I'm with Sarah - I adore Mammoth. It's such a cute little town!
    Let me think of past birthday presents, I don't think anything are going to be up your alley:
    * ipod touch
    * Weekend at Hotel Del/new cookbook
    * new purse
    * DVD collection of Buffy

    They all kinda fit in your eliminated list!

  14. Hmph, I want some bean time too. I love the pigtails. Please don't change it :)

    My birthday is in three months and I've already started hinting gift ideas to the Husband. Shameless, I know.


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