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Thursday, August 28, 2008

silliness with the kiddies

i really do just love hanging out with my girls. they're hilarious, both individually and together.

we're trying to teach the bean how to blow kisses, with slightly...well, off results. when i put her hand to her mouth and show her how to make the gesture, she usually ends up doing this instead:

the teen chortles whenever she sees this. it is pretty funny, i must admit, and the bean will probably crack the hell up when she gets older and realizes what she's doing in that picture. ha!

a couple of days ago, we were craving cupcakes. and i needed to make a paper source run. so, of course, what did we do? we headed out to pasadena!

dot's cupcakes - lemon drop, coffee latte, and a mini mint chocolate. so yummy.

and an iced hazelnut coffee latte from leonida's chocolate cafe:


the teen's been complaining of some pain in her ear, which was accompanied by some fun coughing and congestion. so yesterday, i took her to kaiser, where we amused ourselves in the room as we waited for the doctor to make her appearance.

yes, the teen is wearing clip-in extensions that she absolutely HAD to have for school. we found them at one of those mall kiosks, and while i refused to buy them for her, she busted out her own cash that she'd been stashing away in her room. ugh.

anyway, it turned out that she had an ear infection, so the doc prescribed some antibiotics and then traumatized the teen when she told me to schedule a physical so that she could get caught up on some vaccinations that were way overdue. i hate needles too, so i inwardly cringed too, but i put on a brave face for her sake and tried my hardest to convince her that four separate shots wouldn't be all that bad. ick. then i told her i'd take her for ice cream afterwards, and she said "what am i, six?"

she is SO my kid.


  1. Mmmmn, cupcakes!

    P.S. Am I the only one who doesn't think the extensions look horrific? I mean, they're just a trendy kid thing, right? No adults wear them, do they?

  2. okay, so maybe don't share this with the teen... i had to have 5 separate shots before peru and frankly, it sucked ass. :/

    the girl that doesn't mind giving blood and is fairly okay with needles

  3. ice cream, cupcakes, and iced lattes make everything better.

    p.s. did you try the chocolate at leonidas? if not, I'm going to have to slap you silly. best.chocolate.EVER.

  4. Great. I can already picture you tearing up watching the teen getting her shots.

    But I still love you anyway.

  5. You HAVE to put those extensions on the Bean!

  6. The picture of your daughter flipping of the camera is too hilarious!

    The cupcakes made me jealous...they looked oh so good!

  7. dude, ice cream bribery still works on me. every time.

  8. I'm a huge fan of Dots, not so much of needles.

  9. too many good comments already. too many.

    i heart you and your girls. that is all.

  10. Maybe suggest cupcakes rather than ice cream for the shot situation. Those cupcakes look yummy! I had a chocolate peanut butter crunch cupcake yesterday from our Long Beach local Frosted Cupcakery :) Yum!!

  11. That sounded like a truly yummy day. Except maybe for the teen.

  12. I don't want to alarm you or anything...but is that cleavage the teen is sporting???

    Fuckin' A I hate shots. Lil Man had three while I was away. Still make me squirm on the inside to think about it even though I didn't see it.


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