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Monday, August 4, 2008

hawaii, by the numbers

0 - despite my best efforts, that's how many iPhones we came home with. boo.
- pictures taken on the good camera. of course, there's another:

- on the point-and-shoot. yee-haw! i'll post more pics later this week, after i plow through 'em all.

bean says: no more pictures!

16 - pounds one of our check-in bags was overweight by. argh.
-fabulous mullets we spotted within the first 10 minutes of our arrival.

- what time the bean woke up for the first 3 mornings of the trip.

3 - times the hub dragged his groggy ass up and took the bean for a walk in the stroller at that hour, letting the rest of us get some sleep.
4 - days it took for us to drive around the entire island, stopping at random beaches along the way.
- stops at
matsumoto's for yummy shave ice. i took mine with ice cream at the bottom and sweet condensed milk poured on top. mmmmm.

93 - minutes it took the teen and BFF to get through the giant pineapple garden maze at the dole plantation.

6 - the current record for quickest time through said maze.
- times the chick at check-in had to disappear to talk to management about our room. she tried to tell us that the room type we'd reserved was all sold out, and she could upgrade us for one night until ours was available. um, no. we weren't all about unpacking twice - what a pain in the ass. then they were just going to upgrade us, but we had to take a room with one bed in it. finally, a room magically became available that was what we reserved. too bad it was in the shittiest tower on the property. bastards.

- i was the only one who wanted to sample the deliciousness of the
shrimp trucks on the north shore (i went with romy's). the rest of my group was totally unadventurous in their dining selections. more for me!

3 - times i enjoyed spam, eggs and rice platters for breakfast from mcdonald's. i wanted to try their haupia pie, too, but i forgot all about it. boo.

- pieces of deliciously fresh, chewy peanut butter-filled mochi i bought at the kiosk at
ala moana center's food court. so yummy.
102.77 - our total bill at
longs drugs when we stopped to stock up on snacks, sunscreen, and water toys. heh.

4 - dinners during which the teen and BFF ordered chicken strips and fries for dinner. ugh.
- how many months the bean turned on the day we left for home. whee!

2 - times we rented an umbrella on waikiki beach to relax under in between dips in the ocean. um, to the tune of $30 apiece. yeah. they had chairs for rent too, for $15. yikes.

1 - pound of delicious cookies that we bought at chip & cookie - wally amos of
"famous amos" cookies was bought out years ago with a stipulation that he couldn't open a new cookie biz for X amount of time. well, that time's up, and now he lives on oahu and is getting ready to open a second store in waikiki. yummy.
20 - how many minutes it took for us to hear the news about the big 5-point-something earthquake back at home. i'm not gonna lie, i'm pretty glad we weren't home for that. lastly:
12 - number of times i've tried and failed to upload more pictures. and now i'm pissed and annoyed. so i'll bore you with more detailed recaps tomorrow, or whenever blogger decides to stop being such a bitch.


  1. Welcome home! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  2. Love it! I can't wait to see and hear more!

  3. Welcome home! I shall have to show the Hubs all of your pictures and bug him about going to Hawaii next year ;-)

  4. Welcome home!! Hope everything in your house made it through the earthquake unscathed.

  5. welcome home! love the "by the numbers."

  6. love it! sounds like a fantastic trip, chicken fingers and all... :)

  7. Those shrimp look fantastic. Next time bring me instead of the teen and her friend. I promise not to order chicken fingers and fries.

  8. welcome back :)

    can't wait for the detailed recaps!!

  9. Welcome back! It appears to have been a pretty great trip. I can't wait to hear more and see some of those many pictures you took!


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