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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i'm so old, i'm krusty

so now that i'm all done with hawaii, i can go back to blogging in real time. yay!

well, sort of. the monkey did a great recap of saturday - most of it, anyway. i wasn't part of her outing with her college buddy. heh. instead, i met the hub and the girls for dinner with the ILs out in BFE - specifically, king's fish house at victoria gardens. and then sunday was church (um, for the first time in MONTHS. bad). sunday afternoon saw me and the teen getting away together for the girliest movie in the theaters right now - sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. cute movie, and we gobbled up a lot of snacks. my kinda afternoon.

and on monday, i made good on a promise to the teen and took her to universal studios. we took over the hub's tahoe and loaded it up with BFF and her mom, MIL and the hub's cousin, and us and the bean.

the first thing we did when we got there was grab lunch, which we capped off with funnel cake. mmmm.

from there, we hopped on the tram for the studio tour. our guide told the typical lame jokes, fake gasped, and said "holla!" about a zillion times. luckily, we sat in the very back, and we giggled and made fun of her ass throughout the entire tour.

i tried to snap the giant mr. potato head near the production offices, just for tater, but my aging point-and-shoot is slower than freaking molasses. WTF is a stupid car doing driving along the tour route, anyway? psh, like they actually do WORK down there.

oh no. it's raining and there's a flash flood. oh dear. whatever shall we do.

i love desperate housewives. they were filming, so this was all i got to see of wisteria lane.

i'm such a sucker, i totally thought this deer was real. i felt like the biggest asshole when it finally dawned on me that it was just the magic of hollywood at work.

yay for the back to the future movies! even though the 3rd one was lame as hell.

it was funny to see whoville right next to the bates motel. and they upped the cheese factor by having some dude pretend to be norman bates, loading up a body in the trunk of his car. and then he came after us with a "knife" in hand, which had the teen and BFF squealing in horror. being right at the back of the tram, he got really close to us, and the glazed, maniacal look on his face was actually pretty real-looking. again, the point-and-shoot failed me and i didn't catch him to show you.

downstairs near the mummy ride, this dude was walking around on stilts, scaring the shit out of folks by sneaking up behind them and waving plastic scorpions in their faces. i steered clear but stopped to take a picture. ha!

and while the kids got in line for the ride, i watched the bean snack on her big toe.

when she gets fussy, have her do this:

and then anywhere from 30-90 minutes later, she wakes up. and like magic, she's right back to this! whee!

scooby doo! mystery machine! and shaggy, too (driving)!

scaaaaary dinosaur.

entrance to the new simpsons ride. it was cute, and took the place of the old back to the future ride. but i woke up with my back horrifically out of whack this morning, and the teen totally thinks it's because of this ride (hence the title of this post) - the only one aside from the tram that i actually got on all day. sucks for me.

the kids wanted to go down to the mummy ride again, so we let them be while we "elders" stayed on the upper level and watched the animal show. by the time we met up again, it was 7:30 and we were done. the park closed at 8 anyway, so we made our way out to the citiwalk, grabbed dinner at the crepe cafe, and stopped at sparky's for souvenirs.

fuckin' A, my back hurts. i hate getting old and krusty. this sucks. i think i'll hobble to the bathroom and pop some advil.


  1. i haven't been to universal studios in forevah!

    is it just me, or is the bean looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby?! if i think she is growing up too fast, i can only imagine what you think :/

  2. Last time we went to Disneyland, I avoided Indiana Jones because I didn't want to hurt my back. Old indeed.

    Looks like a fun time anyway. I think the last time I was there, Jurassic Park was fairly new.

  3. LOVE that it looks like mr. potatohead is peeking above the car. hahaha. thanks for trying. please play again.

  4. I used to eat my feet, too. Oh to be that limber again.

    I am sad for your back problems.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Amber! The bean is getting less baby-like in every picture! :-O

  6. You're old lady! :) Ha!

    Hey remember the back lot jog/walk? and your husband (then boyfriend) in jeans?! ahahahah, oh it still makes me laugh :)

    sorry I missed this trip, looked like fun.

  7. We had planned to go to Universal for Lil Man's birthday at the end of this month. Thanks for the heads up on the creepy dude rushing the tram.

    I hope your back feels better soon. Maybe you should take a seat in your rocking chair and relax a little. ;)

  8. H was just at Universal with steppie for her birthday (one of the many bday celebrations). Jaws still totally scares me.

    And I'm not sad that King Kong is gone. He scared me too.

  9. I can't remember the last time I went to Universal Studios. Damn.

    I hope your back feels better!


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