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Friday, August 8, 2008

so, the first real day

i'm already tired of our hawaii recaps and i haven't even really started yet. heh. i think i'll just get this one done and then whiz right through the rest of the week. truthfully, the days were mostly the same anyway - just different sides of the island, different beaches, slightly different outfits. you'll love it.

we unpacked and then checked out the sights around our resort:

then we got in the car to see what there was to see in the vicinity and ended up parking at the moana surfrider to visit the giant banyan tree and have lunch. i kind of wished we'd decided to stay there, but knowing the size of the rooms (matchbox-ish) and how squished we'd inevitably be, we passed. this time.

after lunch, we sat on the front porch of the hotel and rocked in the rocking chairs. of course, the bean fell asleep.

rocking back and forth in my chair, i was amused to see this across the street - it made me think of my dear friend ashley:

we hopped back in the car and drove around the island a bit, checking out some really cool houses and pretty beaches, and pretty soon the hub was on his own, with the rest of the car snoozing away. and then after a mishap with a moped that i won't bore you with, we headed back to the resort to grab a snack at lappert's ice cream and rent one of those ridiculously overpriced umbrellas and kick back at the beach.

we played happily in the warm water, the girls floating in their hot pink inner tubes, and just enjoyed the sunshine. dinner was at the resort's sushi joint, hatsuhana. it was overpriced and barely decent, but we were tired and lazy, so there you go.

huh. that statement, at least the latter part, pretty much applies for the entire trip. yup.


  1. BORE us? but it's such a fun story. ;)

  2. The great thing about Hawaii is that you can be as active or lazy as you want - and no one judges you! Besides it's not your fault. It's a proven fact that the sun sucks energy out of you.

  3. I love these recaps. When we go in November, I'm just doing whatever you guys did, then reposting your recaps.

  4. Nooooo stay at the Moana Surfrider next time!!! Our room had been remodeled and was huge!

  5. Aren't you supposed to be lazy on vacation in Hawaii? And what's this story??

  6. Being tired and lazy is what Hawaii is all about. I love it.

  7. hello? you aren't supposed to do anything in hawaii. that's the whole point.

  8. You know, it was probably cheaper to just buy an umbrella on the first day than to rent it at the ridiculous price for multiple days . . .

  9. <3 lapperts <3

    hawaii = relaxation
    no need to much it up with a bunch of strenous activity :)

  10. Even though the sushi was bad, at least the ice cream was good...or at least it looks good!


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