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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sucked in

...to the twilight series. ha, i made a funny. if you don't know what i mean, it's because this fabulous series of books is about vampires.

totally not my style at all. i usually prefer to stick to uber fluffy reading material, like the shopaholic series or danielle steel sagas. i've never been able to get past chapter one of the first harry potter book, either. but when my friend jess couldn't stop raving about it, and even after i voiced my doubts about the whole bloodsucking storyline, i gave in and picked up a copy of twilight at target.

to be honest, i wasn't hooked after reading it. it was easy to get into, well-written, and not quite what i'd expected, so i didn't really get the hype. of course, this happens so often with stuff that's overly hyped, right? but i had a plane ride coming up, so on my next trip to target (yes, i go to target quite often), i scooped up a copy of the second book, new moon.

once i got the bean settled and napping on the plane, i busted it out and started reading. i whipped right through a third of it before she woke up and needed my attention, and by that time i was HOOKED. i won't talk about any of the storyline for fear of spoiling it for anyone, but let's just say that i found it much more compelling than its predecessor, and was disappointed to have to put it down.

i managed to finish it that very night, as everyone else tuckered out from the long flight. i knew immediately that i had to pick up a copy of the third book, eclipse. sadly for me, the bookstore at the resort was all sold out of it. the one other bookstore i found during our excursions around the island was selling it at full price, and i knew there was a barnes & noble at ala moana center. we'd just bought a membership, so i decided to hold out so that i could get it for less. and then it took several days before we actually got to ala moana, but i was stoked when i finally got it and put it in my carry-on for the trip home.

even better, i managed to get both girls into reading it. neither of them are very big on reading for fun, but they'd heard girls chattering about twilight at the jonas brothers concerts. i broke it to them that there was nothing "jonas" about it, but that it was a really great story that they could get into. i'd given my copy of twilight to the teen for the plane ride, but it sat unopened until BFF picked it up in the car on the way to north shore. she totally got into it, and so the teen decided she was interested enough to at least peruse the first few pages. i ended up buying a copy for BFF so that they could read it at the same time, and i enjoyed listening to them talk about the storyline, asking each other questions about the characters, and watching them sit side-by-side, open books in hand.

and yeah, so i might have already stopped at borders and bought my copy of the just-released fourth book, breaking dawn. i'm kind of in mourning, because it's the final book in the series, and at the risk of sounding like a true dork, i'm not ready to let these characters go yet. so i'm putting off reading it, because i know that once i start, i won't stop, and i'm just not up to saying goodbye.

holy shit, that sounded moronic as hell.

and there's also a twilight movie currently in post-production. again, thanks to jess, i was perusing some of the message boards (one in particular called twilightmoms caught my attention, as it's run by grown ass women and moms like me who are openly addicted to these books) and stumbled across the movie's website.

while the casting seems pretty good, i'm stoked to see that peter facinelli has a part in it. he was in a short-lived show on the fox network called "fastlane" that the hub and i really enjoyed (although it was cancelled after one season, boo), and he's hot. hee! oh, and he's married to jennie garth. i heart jennie garth. kelly taylor was always my favorite 90210-er.

come 12.12.08, i'll be headed to the nearest movie theater, most likely with the teen and BFF in tow. i can't wait.


  1. I'm not into the fantasy type harry potter, LOTR stuff at all so when I heard about these books I blew it off thinking it wasn't my style. At the book store the other night I picked Twilight up since I had a gc and figured it was no cash outta my pocket if I hated it. I had to go back to the book store and buy the other 3 books the very next day cause I was hooked. I'm halfway through Eclipse right now.

  2. i'm almost done with eclipse although i cheated and read the spoilers. couldn't help myself really. [insert sheepish grin]

    i'm really surprised you liked new moon better than twilight. new moon was the weakest of the 3 for me so far. although all the backlash for book 4 makes me sad :(

  3. i usually prefer to stick to uber fluffy reading material

    This isn't "uber fluffy reading material"?

  4. nope, not compared to the other fluff i tend to read.

  5. love the tags on this post.

    eh, still not convinced.

  6. I LOVE it...especially because you were kinda anti at first. :-D

  7. Ack! That's why you have "heart Jacob"! I'm reading these books too. Kill me now.

  8. Okay, so I need to borrow the books when you are finished with them!! Oh and I have a series I know you will like if I have not told you already...Stephanie Plum, by Janet Evanovich, you will love...I promise! Talk more about it tomorrow :)q

  9. Hmmmm....I never got into the Harry Potter books either (liked the movies - haha). Maybe this is something I can get my pre-teen cousins into. I buy them books in an effort to get them to read. I'm nerdy like that. :)

  10. It's funny how sometimes a book (or series in this case) was originally written for adolescents, but then adults find out about it and it becomes the next big thing. I heard about this series just before I quit teaching, and I'm sure all my former students are way into it by now. I need to pick up a copy myself since everyone else seem to be reading.

  11. I'd pre-ordered the box set but I don't know if I want to wait until October to read these four books :)

  12. Honestly, I never would have even picked up a copy if I hadn't gotten it for my birthday - I tend to shy away from "group dynamics" when it comes to books. Too many years of watching the lemmings while I worked in a book store. It's a good thing I have some fantastic friends.

  13. I am so glad Jess got me into these books, they were a fast read and I loved them! Glad you do too. Ha!

  14. I see a pattern here..

    Most people either LOVE New moon and but don't feel so strongly about Twilight...

    Or You LOVE Eclipse and love Twilight but not so much New Moon.


    Now that the series is over I'm feeling a little sad too.

    I smell a Twilight movie GTG. !!!!


  15. Ooh, I love Danielle Steel too! We are book taste twinsies!

    Glad you got sucked in. :)


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