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Sunday, August 31, 2008

i need some freaking smog.

we've been up here for two and a half days and i. can't. effing. breathe.

this is so lame. it's like the reverse of hanging out on a smoggy day - except that here, i can't draw a deep breath without it hurting my chest because there is no damn smog.

i know it's probably a combination of the clean air and the elevation, but this is ridiculous.

in other news, it's lovely up here. the weather is in the 70s with clear, blue skies. oh, and i took my friend venn's advice and made the hub stop at schat's bakery for lunch yesterday. although i'm a little cornfuzzled as there was a different schat's bakery in bishop on our way here. the hub says they're not related, but that's confusing as all hell. whatever. we'll be stopping in the bishop version on our way home tomorrow.

we also drove by the site of one of the japanese concentration camp-type things used during WWII. there's a museum there, and i'm hoping it'll be open tomorrow, even though it's a holiday, so that we can stop and learn. we both found it interesting that the existence of these things has been rather buried - never learned about it in history class. did you? i'm a little embarrassed to admit that i only found out about them while reading danielle steel's silent honor. yeah.

anyway, we've done a whole lot of nothing - hell, it's 3:00 in the afternoon and we're all sitting around just chillin' in our pajamas. except, of course, for the hub's die-hard grandfather and uncle, who got up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 this morning to hit up a nearby creek for some fishing. the wind is blowing at about 30 mph this weekend, which is one good reason for us not to have gone. another is that the hub packed his entire fishing box and then realized that his poles weren't in it. whoops.

the bean did well on the long, 4.5 hour drive up here on friday. cross your fingers for us that she takes a nice, long nap on the way home tomorrow.


  1. You *are* ridiculous :) Enjoy the clean air and surrounding!

  2. I actually did learn about the camps while in school, but (a) a former one was near us and (b) I went to an exceptionally nerdy high school. ;)

    It's scary to think that our bodies could become so acclimated to the crappy air quality. :/

  3. every time i went back to clean upstate ny in college, i felt the same way. then i'd come back and be all wheezy for a day, then i'd get used to the smog again.

    yep, i did learn about concentration camps in school and even watched a documentary on some of the survivors. we also took a field trip to the museum of tolerance during HS, and a trip to the holocaust museum in DC (such a great but sad museum) during our 8th grade trip. lucky me, i guess.

    i never did learn about "comfort women," however, until a group i was involved with sponsored a lecture by one survivor. yikes.

  4. At least you've got an internet connection. I'm convinced that's all your really need to survive. =)

  5. They are called internment camps, and, yes, I learned about them in school -- elementary, junior high, and high -- public schools, no less.

    I am shocked and dismayed at your school. In this day and age, these camps are pretty common knowledge, and your school should be severely berated for its failure.

  6. The Schat's bakery in Mammoth isn't related to the one in Bishop?!? Now I'm cornfuzzled. Did you eat the cheese bread? Mmmmmm....

  7. I'm with WeeMo - I grew up on the East Coast and even our public school taught about internment camps.

    The Schatts in Bishop is SO where its at. We always bring home a carload of goodies.

  8. schatt's is almost the only reason to go to mammoth! hello? cheese + bread? sold!

  9. i think i learned about the camps at some point during school. i just found out though, that my CW's mother was in one when she was a young girl. yeah, it makes sense, but it still hits home like a ton of bricks when you realize it happened to someone you know. :(

    hope mammoth was fun!

  10. My mom told me about the camps... There's a miniature Japanese-American population in Ventura County who moved there after getting out of the camps, including a former mayor.

    However, I did also read silent honor. I have read all of her books. That is truly sad.

  11. wtf? i mixed up concentration and interment camps in my sleep-deprived head. anyway, yes, learned about those, too. meh.

  12. I was talking about internment camps with some people recently, and someone said that Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid) and George Takei (Mr. Sulu of Star Trek) were both interned.

  13. love the tag: "learning from chick lit." :)

  14. I'll be interested to see if you guys were able to go. Sounds like something cool to do.


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