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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

happy 11-month-day!

holy shit, y'all, the bean's less than a month from her first birthday. i'm cleaning out/backing up my iPhoto library and getting all oogly over pictures of those first days, weeks, months of her life. it seems like just yesterday, truly.

crap! i gotta finish her party invitations. damn. i'd hoped to get them done up in mammoth while there were lots of willing eyes and arms to watch her, but we were just having too much fun playing with her all the time and i didn't even make a dent.

which reminds me, i'll have a photo-filled recap of the trip soon. we did make it to the internment camp (thanks, monkey and others) at manzanar yesterday, and it was such a sobering and sad visit. on another note, we also made the stop at schat's bakery for sandwiches and "cheeze" bread. yummy!

now, back to real life. and birthday princess month officially began yesterday! whee!

and, it's good to be able to breathe again. ah, l.a. smog. i missed you.


  1. When I saw my mom on Saturday, she said two things:

    (1) "You eat too much. Stop eating. You fat."


    (2) "Who is that cute baby on your blog? She is so cute! Are her parents very good-looking?"

  2. she looks adorable, and can you believe how much she has changed?

  3. i cannot believe she is almost a year!

  4. I think the bean is more yummy than cheese bread.

  5. Can't she permanently be 11 months old? www.thebeanissofreakingcuteandadorable.com

  6. EEEE! i agree with wm's mom on point #2.

  7. She's sooo cute! That means her boyfriend is 13 months today...crap, they are growing toooooo fast!!

  8. Eeee almost 1! Time flies, even though I'm only observing from the other side of the country.

  9. i cannot believe she's almost a year old!!!

  10. I just recently looked at the bean's newborn picture in my phone and thought to myself that it couldn't be a year already. Almost is. Time flies.


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