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Saturday, September 6, 2008

shall we play a game?

(bonus points if you can name the movie that's from)

you know those puzzles where they show you two versions of the same picture, only there are a few things different about one of them? well, the teen was given that as an assignment in science class this week. she asked me to help her do hers, using a picture from our hawaii trip, plus the magic of photoshop.

we had fun playing with the picture, trying to come up with things to change that weren't too obvious. and here's what she turned in. can you find all six differences?


  1. Pathetically, I could only find one.

    How can a teacher assign such a complex assignment? What if you didn't have photoshop or even the skills to complete such a task? One more reason for me to procrastinate on the bebehs.

  2. War Games!

    And here is a clip for your more youthful readers.

    I prefer him as Ferris, though. :)

  3. NM, found them all.

    k, I like this game again.

  4. Damn, the monkey beat me to it!!
    War Games :) :)

  5. Crap, i got four. Are you going to post the answers or what??!

  6. This is my FAVORITE game to play at a bar. Sadly, I suck at it without the proper libations in my system.

  7. I am slow . . . What does this have to do with science class?

  8. i got 4 and it's too early in the morning to tax my brain with looking for the other 2 ;)

  9. I got 5 so far and the last one is driving me insane trying to find it. Grrr...


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