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Monday, September 15, 2008

i like food. did you know that?

it wasn't a very exciting weekend, but it was good enough for me. sorry, i've got no pictures to share, either. oh, well.

on saturday, we went to look at a couple of houses just up the street from us that are on the market. one of them is a historic house, built in the 20s, and has been extensively remodeled by the current owner. it's a pretty fabulous house, on a corner lot, with a pool and spa in the back, and a kitchen that is to. die. for. we loved it, and can't stop thinking about how awesome it is.

and then the other one...was not. :/ we walked in and knew immediately from the design and layout of the house that it wasn't for us. but we humored the realtor and walked through the rest of it anyway. that wallpaper! that bar with the mirrored wall and column straight out of 1972! and ugh, the kitchen. all of which are easily changed, but it would have to happen gradually, and i'm more of an instant gratification kinda girl. shocker, i know.

then i dragged the hub and the bean with me to monterey park to deliver an order of invitations to a client. she loved them, handed me a check, and that was that. we grabbed drinks from starbucks and headed up atlantic boulevard. towards san marino/pasadena. we drove by julienne's in san marino, which i've always wanted to try, but there was quite a crowd outside waiting to be seated. another time, i hope, soon.

anyway, we ended up at lovebirds bakery on colorado for lunch. the spinach salad that the hub ordered was yummy, and i enjoyed a half roast beef/black forest ham on a croissant. everything was fresh, tasty, and we were glad we finally broke out of our usual pie 'n burger rut and tried something new. we'll definitely return.

later, we met up for dinner with some of the folks that the hub went to africa with last year. conversations with these couples are always spirited and comical, and we had a great time. the bean worked her magic and charmed the pants off of everyone (well, not literally), and she lasted till right around 10:00 before she started fussing and rubbing her eyes.

ooh, our hostess busted out a hot appetizer that we'd had once before: she took a round of brie, topped it with brown sugar and sliced almonds, and tossed it in the oven. she served it with water crackers, and i tell you, i had to literally TEAR myself away from that table before i ate every bit of it. yeah, it's a well-known fact that cheese is good, i love cheese, but the combination of gooey, warm cheese and sugar... i honestly dreamed about that shit that night. it was heaven on a cracker.

their house happens to be right up the street from my friend amber's new place, and we drove down their street on our way home. i pointed it out to the hub as we drove by, and through their lovely window we could see them chillin' on the couch, watching tv. stalker! i know that was football on the screen - my condolences, friend. i'm thinking it was a tough afternoon.

and then yesterday, after church, we had brunch at a lovely little restaurant just down the street. i made a total pig of myself and had a bacon, cheddar and tomato omelet AND a nutella crepe. mmmm. shut up, i was hungry!

also yesterday, the hub treated me to an early birthday present - a one-hour massage at peaches & cream day spa. it was wonderful, and i thoroughly enjoyed having the time to just relax and think deep thoughts. one hour really makes quite a difference.

it's birthday princess week, people! although it seems that mother nature hates me. i so enjoyed last week's cooler temps, but it's supposed to get back into the high 90s this week. poo.


  1. One way or another
    I'm gonna see ya
    I'm gonna meet ya, meet ya, meet ya, meet ya
    One day maybe next week
    I'm gonna meet ya
    I'm gonna meet ya, I'll meet ya
    I will drive past your house
    And if the lights are all down
    I'll see who's around

  2. stalker!

    i want to know where your friends live. i'm guessing i've probably walked by their house, oh, i don't know, a dozen or more times already. and yeah, it was a really rough saturday :/

    yay for birthday princess week! :D

  3. Stalker! I'm googling the brie + sugar stat.

  4. happy birthday week, princess!

    another drooler over that brie. might have to try to make it one day. although it might be too klassy for this neck of the woods.

  5. mmmmm, now i'm gonna dream about the brie.

    happy birthday week!!!

  6. Sounds like you all had a nice day! I like weekends like that... easy, chill... go here, go there.

    Exciting that you are looking for houses!

    And happy, happy birthday week! Congrats on the massage; they're divine, aren't they?


  7. You are a total stalker family! ;) Your food and weekend sounds awesome.

  8. total stalker.

    my fave hot brie thing involves puff pastry crust and something sugary.


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