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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

reconnecting: the sequel

let's do this yay!/boo. style, shall we?

the bean fell asleep and took a nice, long nap. yay!
she dozed off right as it was time to get ready and go to gymboree class. boo.

we got to pick up the teen from school (it's not my week, but when school's in session, i get to pick her up and take her to her tutoring session), and it was minimum day, so we got extra bonus time with her. yay!
when it was time to take her to the session, there was no one to be found at the tutoring facility. boo.

rather than go back to her dad's right away, she wanted to join the bean and me on our visit to auntie random. yay!
this meant that i had to pick up the phone, call the ex, and damn near grovel to "borrow" the teen for a few hours, since it's HIS week. boo.

he was surprisingly, amazingly, shockingly cordial and had no problem with letting this happen. yay!
the teen and i both agreed that she'd probably face his wrath for our stolen hours when she got back to his house (which, thankfully, didn't happen). boo.

we hit no traffic whatsoever heading down to auntie random's house, out in the south bay area. yay!
this meant we got there far too early, and even looking for a store to buy some flowers didn't kill any time. boo.

she was happy, smiling, and welcoming when we got there, and i thought, "hey, maybe this won't be so weird and awkward after all." yay!
within minutes of entering the house and making the introductions (which was comical to me, considering i'd never actually met this woman before - at least that i could remember), she made a beeline for the phone and dialed up bio-dad, immediately throwing me into a state of anxiety and nervousness. seriously, y'all, i was rooted to the floor, but with what i hoped was a convincing smile on my face. boo.

there was quite a spread of homemade, yummy-smelling filipino food on the table, just waiting for us to dig in. yay!
the teen doesn't do filipino food, and we'd just eaten only an hour before we arrived. boo.

bio-dad, upon learning that we were there for our visit, wasted not a second in asking to talk to me, making me feel a little more at ease about this long-awaited quasi-reunion. yay!
i took the phone with a shaky hand, heart pounding in my throat, while the teen took the bean into her arms and looked at me with nervous, worried eyes. boo.

as soon as i heard that cheerful, familiar-yet-not voice say "hello, anak!" (anak is tagalog for child, and is used in place of "son" or "daughter." my mom calls me this, too), i relaxed and fell right into easy conversation with...my dad. yay!
being that he was halfway around the world, 16-ish hours by plane away in the homeland, there was this funky ass, approximately 3-second lag that made conversing somewhat difficult. boo.

we chatted for quite a while, catching up on each others' lives, cracking old corny jokes that apparently have managed to withstand the test of time. yay!
after 45 minutes, the calling card we were using (because it's cheap as hell to call internationally vs. using regular long-distance service) ran out, i heard "your card has now expired," and the line cut out abruptly before we could say goodbye. boo.

during the conversation, i got their e-mail address (still smirking somewhat at the thought of my dad using a computer), found out that they're preparing to move back stateside early next year, and learned that my brother and sister are already here, living in san diego. yay!
they're living with their mother, that crazy psycho bitch on wheels. boo.

turns out that they'd been trying to track me down over the years, searching for me on the internet - they hadn't forgotten about me after all! yay!
i'm not easy to find via the 'net. i don't use my last name on anything, and besides, even if i did, they didn't know it anyway. boo.

despite my already-full belly, i gave in to auntie random's constant invitations to partake, and enjoyed a sampling of each of the delicious dishes she'd painstakingly prepared for our visit. the bean ate, too, enjoying quite a bit of it. and then she packed up a crapload of to-go containers for us to bring home. yay!
i'm the only one who's going to eat this stuff, and there's enough of it for a freaking army. boo.

we got auntie random's son (i guess he's actually my cousin, ha!) to take a few pictures of us together before we left. yay!
in the whirlwind of packing up, slightly awkward goodbye hugs, and strapping the bean back into her car seat, we never got a picture with HIM in it. boo.

before we left, we made another date to get together for a longer visit, earlier in the day, so that we could avoid the inevitable traffic going home. yay!
the only day that we could do it was the day before auntie random is leaving to move to texas. boo.

we hit traffic on the way home, which meant we weren't going to get the teen back to her dad's on time. she called to let him know, and again, he surprised us by NOT pitching a fit about it. yay!
dropping her off, knowing we weren't going to get to see her for another few days, sucked ass. boo.

and the day ended with a yay!: since we were out in BFE, we got to meet up with the hub and have dinner together, topped off with a visit to pinkberry. YAY!


  1. So glad that it went well for the most part.

  2. [hugs] I'm really glad to hear it was a pleasant visit overall! And yay for the teen not getting in trouble with her dad :)

  3. Yay for more "Yay's" then boos. :)
    Glad it went well :)

  4. Yay for the good conversation with bio dad!

  5. wow, that sounded like it went really well! so happy for you :)

  6. OK, well everything seems like it went really well! I'm very happy to hear that! And you got to connect with your dad too. Yay!

    I am also happy to see that you need to wear a tank under the Gypsy dresses too! I thought I had weird boobs/shoulders as my boobs hang out of the dress in the front (crazy cleavage) and the back of my bra is totally visible from the back. Yay for photographic evidence that it's not just me!

  7. Lovely all around!

    And if we didn't live so far apart, I'd sooo be there for leftover Filipino food! Luckily there will be plenty of it at my place when my mom comes to visit after Em Dash's arrival.

  8. Yay for a pleasant family reunion! Boo to traffic! Yay for the Bean's face in that family pic, ha!

  9. congrats to a mostly unawkward visit!

    and all the cool people are moving to texas. just saying.

  10. overall yay!

    um, what time should i be over? if there's lumpia, the bear will come along, too.

    glad you're getting to reconnect, even if it's not easy. and glad it's going ok so far. :). so happy for you.

  11. When you come down to San Diego you can have your "newbro" and "newsis" meet at my place - YAY!
    And I'll eat all your Filipino food-YAY!

  12. i'm glad you're reconnecting. even if it's flawed. even if you'll never be close. i'm glad it went as well as it could have.
    also, i didn't realize you were filipino? one of my best pals is filipino and her mom makes the best food in the world. do you make any of it? lumpia perhaps???? my fave!

  13. I rode the roller coaster of emotions along with you. Wow. Glad it turned out better than expected even with the glitches.


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