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Monday, September 8, 2008

choc walkin', take three

we've participated in the annual "choc/disneyland walk in the park" for the last couple of years, which benefits children's hospital of orange county. one, i'm a sucker for childrens' causes. and two, i'm just as big a sucker for disneyland. ha!

the first year we walked, my friend amber joined us, and we had a great time (even though we got there at the ass crack of dawn, it seemed, and i'm not cute that early in the morning). we managed to raise a decent amount of money, too.

and then last year, amber wasn't able to join us, although we still had a fourth team member - the bean was all of three weeks old. awwwww!

well, it's that time again - the walk is october 19th. i just signed us up last week, and now it's game time. i'm getting an e-mail all ready to go out to friends and family for donations, and i just signed up as a representative for mark.cosmetics to take advantage of their fundraising options. if you're so inclined, you can click here to make a donation and support us in our quest to help the hospital. or, if you'd like to buy some fun makeup and stuff from mark.cosmetics, check out the site and drop me an e-mail at pinkpaperdesigns@gmail.com.

if you're interested in joining us in this year's walk, let me know! maybe we can set up a team. ooh, and then we could make some cute t-shirts! that would be so cool. we'd look so cute. but the shirts couldn't be pink. the hub probably wouldn't go for that too much. hmmm.

i am SO easily distracted.


  1. Fun! I would love to do the walk if you decide to put a team together!

  2. it was so much fun! even though i look like hell in that picture ;)

  3. This is such a great event! Good on all of you for participating.

  4. I'd love to do it . . . but maybe next year?

  5. As soon as I get my new debit card I am all over this!

  6. Such a good cause! How long is the walk? I might be able to join this year...

  7. Aww this was suppoused to be the day of Nike half [sniffle]

  8. let me know and I will get my shit together and walk with you! Dont i kinda have to if we move to orange county!?!


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