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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i have now officially seen it ALL.

and that ain't necessarily a good thing, folks. i am seriously clutching my pearls so hard right now, i'm almost choking myself.

in fact, my slack-jawed expression has been frozen into place for the last 15 minutes.

has society seriously become so fucking lazy as to require a service such as this to come into existence? and, to save you the trouble of clicking, i'm going to rant and rave:

this company composes, writes, and mails your thank-you notes for you. for $100, you can cross off 25 expressions of your gratitude to your nearest and dearest. and go check out the sample page. do they hire fourth graders to handwrite this shit? and how on earth can you possibly have these sent out and not think that your friends and family will figure out that you didn't write them yourself?

i would never have found this if not for the magic of google ads. i received an e-mailed inquiry for wedding invitations, and oh-so-helpful google decided to link me to this atrocity. and then they have the balls to include a page about thank-you note etiquette!

is it REALLY that difficult to put pen to paper, people? of course, i don't give gifts with the expectation of receiving some flowery, gushy note of thanks, but fuck, i'd rather get a verbal thank-you for something than some wack ass shit like that.

[panting and heaving] okay, i'm done.

confession: i'm dying to know how much money these people are making from this. shit, if it weren't so damn wrong, i'd be kicking my own ass for not thinking of it first.

NO! i didn't actually mean that. really. i truly am insanely outraged at the very notion. although i guess that outrage would be more from the receiver's point of view. not necessarily the business owner. i mean, it's not the owner's fault that people are rude and lazy and ridiculous. they just happen to be profiting off of it, which means that it won't stop. yeah.


  1. What a sad commentary. Honestly it's not like people get THAT many presents that they can't take the time to write a card or three or four.

  2. that is really embarrassing. TY cards don't take THAT long.

  3. Damn, I wish I'd thought of that first.

  4. seriously if they are using the service they really need to include the etiquitte tips...I wonder if they include something like--Please pen your own thank you if you believe the recipent will recognize that you did not write this thank you. :-)

  5. I always send thank you cards. People love to receive something in the mail other than a bill. I am all about old-school etiquette so this service leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  6. No one is THAT busy. Ridiculous.

  7. Wow, people are rude!! Love the tags on this post.

  8. Ugh. I think it's stupid too. As a recipient I'd rather get a verbal thank you than go this route.


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