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Friday, September 12, 2008

things that make wan a happy girl

our pinkberry is finally opening tomorrow! yee-haw!

i busted out a pair of jeans today for the first time in ages. well, at home, anyway, since i wore 'em in mammoth. i hear the weather's going to warm up again, but for now i'm pretty thrilled with the overcast-ness and almost-fall-like temps.

the hub, who's excited to fit back into his wedding tux. south beach served him well. my birthday is next week! whee!

inexplicably, guns 'n roses' "sweet child of mine." it came on the radio on my way to pick up a mocha joe this morning and it just made me grin like a fool.

getting things ready for the bean's first-ever birthday party. i'm debating between ordering cupcakes, making them myself (with the teen's help, who was quick to volunteer), and making a bunch of those
fabulous red velvet cake balls. what should i do?

talking to our wedding photographer to get the ball rolling on our album - at last. heh. it'll be our 3rd anniversary, and the traditional gift is leather. the hub said the other day "the only leather present i'd like to have is our wedding album" - delivered with a side eye at me. sheesh.

i'm starting to get inquiries for christmas/holiday card orders. yay! i get to create the fun designs that the hub always rejects for our own cards. love it.

the bean's tutu for her party and photo shoot arrived, and it's so dang cute. and i managed to find some adorable little shoes to go with it - they're real baby shoes, but they look like ballet slippers. i can't wait.

i've been making dinner at home more often lately. this is quite lovely, because it's nice to just relax at home and enjoy our meal without worrying about keeping the bean occupied. well, and it's cheaper, too. bonus!

the teen is doing well at school (so far), and the hub and i met all of her teachers at tuesday's back-to-school night. they all seem pretty cool, aside from her 6th period graphic arts teacher, who's pretty dry and boring. but since she had him last semester for her digital photography class, she's going to breeze right through this class.

and, of course, yay for the weekend! we've got a few things planned, but nothing major, stressful, or dreadful.

life is good.


  1. lots of good stuff! glad life is treating you well ...

  2. Your teen's school has a graphic art class?? jealous. I've already started thinking about what to do with our x'mas cards this year too! Whee!

  3. I'm really excited about our Christmas cards this year because it'll be our first christmas as mr and mrs and the first in our new home. whee!!!

    The bean is doing a photo shoot for her birthday? I hope this shindig is as bomb diggity as the teen's last birthday!

  4. You look so pretty in that wedding pic! Gorgeous.

    And I also am jelaous that the teen has such cool art classes...I just had the usual drawing and painting classes, and those were definitely not my strengths.

  5. I'm jealous of the teen's classes, too!

    As for desserts, yesterday I was drooling over these little individual servings of treats from Vanilla Bakeshop (http://www.vanillabakeshop.com/icebox_desserts.html) You can order them in these tall shot glass-looking things. The site only features pics of the big servings, but the little ones are adorable and sound amazing! Plus, it's right near your venue so it'd be convenient.

  6. Those shoes are so adorable (as I'm sure the Bean will be at her photo shoot)!

  7. As cute as they are, I vote against cake balls. For photo opps you need something that will ensure frosting on the bean's face.

  8. Did you already set up the photo shoot? Crap, I will be honest I forgot all about it. I think I am going to have melissa do mine at the the club, same price and she will give us all the photos on cd.

  9. Get out!! She's wearing a tutu to her party?! I'd pay to be there. Hint hint. Jk. PS I still vote for the cake, although I DO love your balls.

  10. those shoes are so cute! i bet the tutu is even cuter. <3

  11. Those shoes are killer. The Bean has the cutest outfits!!!

  12. All of those things would make me smile too. Except maybe the cards. I'm not ready for the holidays yet.

  13. buy mini cupcakes from vanilla? so so sad i'll be missing it.


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