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Thursday, September 18, 2008

it's here! birthday princess day!


as i was getting ready in the bathroom, the hub (who was all showered and dressed for work) popped in and put this on me:

and then after he left for work, the bean and i went into the sunroom to find this:

and along with cards from the ILs and the hub's grandparents, there was this one from brother wan, sitting on the table with more confetti:

we actually had birthday princess dinner last night, because MIL couldn't come down to hang out with the bean tonight. that's cool - that only means i get to have more birthday princess dinners. tonight with the bean, and perhaps this weekend with the teen. whee!

and i've already received a handful of fun e-mails - one from my mom, from my friend amber, and these randoms:

full recap of last night's dinner later. here's a teaser:
man, i love my birthday. it's the happiest day of the year.


  1. Happy birthday! I am already jealous re Cut, and I haven't even seen anything yet.

  2. Happy birthday!! Have a great, fabulous day!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You're actually getting me excited about my own bday now :)

    Jealous about Cut too.

  4. Sending you BIG Birthday hugs! You're the most non-37-year-old looking 37-year-old I've ever met. For reals.

  5. I wish my birthday was nearly as fun and happy as your birthday week. Happy birthday my friend!!!

  6. happy princess birthday!

    and ditto venn;)

  7. Happy birthday! Cut is high on our list of places to try, so I'm also excited to hear about your experience!

  8. Happy birfday!

    That's such a cute dress and from Mark?! cool.

  9. Happy birthday sweetheart! I hope this day has been full of love and happiness for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and live it up!

    I'm happy the hub woke you up to such sweet surprises :)

  10. Happy Birthday! I love your husband more with every post.

  11. sorry i'm late!!!! i've been away from the internets for the most part. happy birthday, princess. lots of love from me.

  12. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had an awesome day :)

  13. looks like the day started off well!

    happy birthday!


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